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ImBatch – The Best in Batch Image Processing

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ImBatch is a free multithreaded image processing tool for your Windows PC. With the help of ImBatch, users can perform a variety of complex image editing tasks; applying those changes to hundreds of images at once. Whether you’re looking to crop, resize, rotate, add/remove tags or convert image format, ImBatch provides users with dozens of editing tools.

Build Tasks for Automatic Editing

What sets ImBatch apart from other image processors is our task building environment. By combining different image editing tasks, ImBatch lets you design your own unique image editing projects. Ranging from simple to complex, there is virtually no limit to the variety of “builds” that you can create and process in batch with ImBatch’s help. Since ImBatch lets you save builds, the more you use it the faster it becomes. Equipped with the ability to monitor specified folders, ImBatch can automatically access those builds and apply edits saving you time and money. For more information on how to use ImBatch checkout our How-to section.

Batch Image Processing Professionals

We are experts in batch image processing. If you have any difficulties with setting ImBatch for your needs, we can help! Just contact us and let us know your needs. It will be useful if you'll provide us with the sample original and processed image, so we can adapt those changes for a bulk processing. Almost any batch image processing task is possible to implement with ImBatch. One important note. Yes, we can automate your image processing tasks, but we don't work for free :)

Featured Tasks

Feature 1

What makes this tool different from other batch image processors is its “Task Structure”. You can combine Tasks to make a processing sequence that will give you exactly what you want. ImBatch offers many imaging functions (Tasks) like converting, resizing or applying watermark. You can change the order of tasks, add some tasks twice or more (for example, to convert images to JPEG and PNG in one go), turn off/on tasks to exclude/include them from the task processing list, hide some task parameters, leaving only the necessary ones. Also you can undo/redo all changes made in Task List.

Task name Description
Batch Save As Image task Save As Saves the currently processed image to the file. If previous tasks in the Task List don't change the current image and File Type parameter is set to <Original File Type>, then image will be just copied to the new location without change.
Batch Resize Image task Resize
Resizes the current image. The content of the image stretches to a new size. You can set new size and value for DPI (number of pixels per inch). The image size can be set in millimeters, centimeters or inches. Also you can set Filter parameter to appropriate resampling interpolation algorithm. Read more about batch image resizing.
Batch Image Rotate task Rotate
Rotates the current image through the specific angle (from 0 to 359 degrees). Also you can apply antialiasing for the resulting image and set color for background.
Batch Image Soft Shadow task Soft Shadow
Adds a soft shadow to the image. If Adapt Size parameter is set, then image will be resized to contain the shadow. Also you can set color for the shadow (black by default) and its intensity.
Batch Image Flip task Flip
Flips (mirrors) the current image across the horizontal and/or vertical axis (flipping is not the same as rotation).
Batch Image Round Corners task Round Corners
Makes corners of the current image rounded. Round Width and Round Height parameters specify the round size of the image. Read the article How to Round Image Corners in Bulk for more details.
Batch Image Convert Colors task Convert Colors
Increases or reduces the number of colors for the current image to the specified value. You can choose standard predefined color numbers or set it by hand.
Batch Image Convert To Gray task Convert To Gray
Converts the current image to gray levels. This task has no parameters.
Batch Image Set EXIF Tag task Set EXIF/IPTC Tag
Sets value for necessary parameter of EXIF or IPTC metadata. You can even copy value from other one or more EXIF and IPTC tag. Great task for batch EXIF editing.
Batch Remove EXIF Tag task Remove EXIF/IPTC Tag
Removes tags from the current image. This task can clear all IPTC and/or EXIF tags or the specified tag. Remove EXIF tags in a batch with ease!
Batch Image Shift Time task Shift Time
Increases or decreases specified IPTC or EXIF date/time tags. Edit EXIF date and time tags in a batch.
Batch Add To PDF task Add To PDF
Saves currently processed image to an Adobe PDF file. This task allows you to set the destination Adobe PDF file name, compression for images, page size (paper format) and different PDF attributes, such as Author, Title or Keywords. Read this step-by-step tutorial on how to combine images into PDF for the details.
Batch Watermark Image task Watermark
Adds the specified watermark image to the current image. You can set transparency, position, sizes, orientation and many other parameters for the watermark. Add watermark to your images in a batch for free!
Batch Resize Canvas task Resize Canvas
Gets the current image to the specified rectangle, cutting off the remaining image. This task can also extend borders of the image.
Batch Color Adjustment task Color Adjustment
Adjusts the current image by changing its Hue, Saturation and Lightness parameters.
Batch Gaussian Blur task Gaussian Blur
This task performs a Gaussian Blur filter with specified radius for the current image.
Batch Inner Shadow task Inner Shadow
Creates a shadow in the inner border of the image. You can configure radius, x offset, y offset and color of shadow.
Batch Publish on Facebook task Publish on Facebook
Post your photos to Facebook album in a batch mode. No more pain with adding the photos manually. Let ImBatch post your photos to Facebook for you.
Batch Inner Shadow task 3D Image
This task allow you to rotate your images in 3D mode and add a reflection if you want.
Batch Inner Shadow task Motion Blur
Add "Motion Blur" effect to your selected photos in a batch mode.
Batch Reset To Original task Reset to Original
This task is used in the task list if you need to process the same original image with another tasks. For example, you can resize the original image to several different resolutions in one go.
Batch Watermark Text task Watermark Text
Use this task for placing a textual watermark for every image in a batch mode.
Batch Frame task Frame
Place your images to the pre-defined frame image.
Batch Crop Image task Auto crop
Automatic batch cropping of the border of the given color.
Batch Color Balance task Color Balance
Adjust the Red, Green and Blue color channels.
Batch Brightness and Contrast task Brightness/Contrast
Accurately adjust contrast level and the light intensity of multiple photos at once.
Batch White Balance task White balance
Automatically applies white balance algorithms for multiple photos.
Batch Rename task Rename
Change the images names by using EXIF/IPTC tags, image and file attributes (like image dimensions, DPI, file size etc).
Batch Sharpen task Sharpen
Sharpen pictures by enhancing edge contrast.
Batch Sepia task Sepia
Applies the sepia effect, that makes photos look older, in warmer colors.
Batch Automatic image enhancement 1 task AutoEnhance 1
Helps to perform an automatic image adjustment. It performs complex operations on the image to simulate how humans see the world to make the image to have better contrast and colors.
Batch Automatic image enhancement 2 task AutoEnhance 2
Performs complex operations on the image to simulate how humans see the world
to make the image to have better contrast and colors.
Batch Automatic image enhancement 3 task AutoEnhance 3
Enhances luminosity applying a local adaptation tone mapping algorithm.
Batch Invert task Invert
Inverts the colors in an image.
Batch Replace Colors task Replace Colors
Replaces the specified color or range of colors or range of alpha values to another color or a range of values of the alpha channel.
Batch Extract Channel task Extract Channel
Allows you to specify the channel, that will be copied to the all other color channels.
Batch Photo Collage task Photo Collage
Creates a photo collage from your image.
Batch Mosaic task Mosaic
Creates the mosaic effect.
Batch Color Curves task Curves
Allows you to adjust image colors by curves. It works like a 'Curves' tool in Adobe Photoshop.
Batch Filter task Filter
Lets you process only images that match the given condition(s).
Batch Upload To FTP task Upload To FTP
Uploads the current image to FTP server.
Batch Copy task Copy
Copy the image file to a specified location.
Batch Delete task Delete
Moves image file to a Recycle Bin.
Batch Reset Filter task Reset Filter
Resets previous Filter task. All images can be processed after this task.
Batch Deskew Text task Deskew Text
Deskew images with scanned text. This task works perfect with black-and-white scanned images.
Batch Resize Canvas by Aspect Ratio task Resize Canvas by Aspect Ratio
Resizes the canvas, adjusting them to fit specified aspect ratio. It can expand and crop images to fit proporions.
Batch Optimize for Web task Optimize for Web
Optimizes the image to reduce its size by removing redundant information and/or by compressin graphical information.
Batch Anaglyph task Anaglyph
Shifts red and blue-green colors relative to each other. You can set displacement's power and angle.
Batch Fish Eye task Fish Eye
Creates image distortion effect, like in the round lens.
Batch Add Selection task Add Selection
Creates a new selection area by adding, subtracting, or replacing the selection area of the specified form.
Batch Make Selection Feather task Make Selection Feather
Blurs the current selection with the specified force.
Batch Make Selection Gradient task Make Selection Gradient
Creates a gradient fill of the selection. You can set the coordinates of the start and end point of the gradient as well as the value of the intensity of the selection at these points and the type of gradient.
Batch Invert Selection task Invert Selection
Inverts the current selection.
Batch Deselect task Deselect
Cancels the selection.
Batch Fill Color task Fill Color
Fills the image with the specified color.
Batch Create Contact Sheet task Create Contact Sheet
Creates columns and rows of image thumbnails, making a bunch of photos very easy to quickly review.
Batch Change Channels task Change Channels
Changes the order of channels in the image.
Batch Temperature task Temperature
Sets the color temperature of the image.
Batch Exposure task Exposure
Allows to adjust exposure in the captured image.
Batch Automatically Equalize Histogram task AutoEqualize Histogram
Automatically equalize the image histogram.
Batch Normal Map task Normal Map
Converts a height-maps to a normal-maps (very useful in 3D modeling and game development).
Batch Stroke task Stroke
Creates a border around an image with transparency.
Batch Save In CMYK As task Save In CMYK As
Saves image into JPEG format and converts color space to CMYK.
Batch Save To Animated GIF task Save To Animated GIF
Saves all images into one animated GIF file.
Batch Gradient Paint task Gradient Paint
Fills image with gradient, by replacing the color of each pixel on the color of gradient at a point which corresponds to the selected channel value of the pixel.
Batch Reflection task Reflection
Creates a reflection of the image and places it under the image, increasing it to the required height.
Batch Reduce Noise task Reduce Noise
Reduces noise on image.
Batch Shift Channel task Shift Channel
Moves the specified channel by an offset.
Batch Set DPI task Set DPI
Allows you to set the number of pixels per inch (DPI) to display the photo correctly.
Batch Deinterlace task Deinterlace
Converts interlaced image or video frame into a non-interlaced form.
Batch Set File Date/Attributes task Set File Date/Attributes
Specifies the date/time and some attributes for the file.
Batch Set Background Image task Set Background Image
Inserts the specified image as the background for the current image being processed.
Batch Remove Red Eyes task Remove Red Eyes
Automatically removes red-eye from the image. Eye search is performed using the OpenCV library algorithms.
Batch Panorama task Panorama
Sticks together several photos taken from one point in different directions and saves to one file.
Batch Threshold task Threshold
Cuts off the values in the corresponding channels according to the specified threshold type.
Batch AutoStitch Scans task AutoStitch Scans
Automatically sticks together several parts of a scanned document into one image and saves to one file. Neighboring parts should have common pieces to determine their location in the result image.
Batch Gradient Fill task Gradient Fill
Fills the selected part of the image with the specified gradient or fills the entire image if there is no selection.
Batch Select by Channel task Select by Channel
Performs the selection by using the specified channel. For each pixel, the amount of selection depends on the value in the choosed channel for a given pixel from 0 — the pixel is not selected to 255
Batch Erosion task Erosion
An operation that process image based on shapes. It computes a local minimum over the area of the specified kernel.
Batch Dilation task Dilation
An operation that process image based on shapes. It computes a local maximum over the area of the specified kernel.
Batch Median task Median
Computes median of all pixel under kernel area and replaces the central element with this median value. This is highly effective against salt-and-pepper noise in the images.
Batch Save Vectorized task Save Vectorized
Converts a raster black and white image to a vector representation.
Batch Swirl task Swirl
Created a swirl effect. The strength of the effect and direction depends on the Angle parameter.
Batch Offset task Offset
Shifts the image horizontally and vertically by the specified value without changing the size of the image. The empty space that appears is filled in the way with the specified parameter Fill Empty Space
Batch Separate Objects task Separate Objects
Searches on an image with a given background for individual objects larger than the specified limit, cuts them out with the addition of border of specified sizes on each side, and saves each object in a
Batch Split task Split
Splits the image into the specified number of fragments horizontally and vertically.
Batch Save To CSV task Save To CSV
Saves the desired meta information to a CSV-file.
Batch Rasterize Vector Image task Rasterize Vector Image
Specifies the dimensions for rasterizing a vector image.

Supported Image Formats

Feature 2

These days every camera seems to have its own native image format, and these file types don’t always play nice with each other. The good news is that ImBatch is capable of handling just about any image format you can imagine. ImBatch integrates seamlessly with your source images whether they originate as BMP, TIFF, GIF, JPEG, PNG or J2K. You might be thinking “Yeah but - what about exceptionally rare formats?” ImBatch lets you work with those as well by featuring powerful format conversion technology that lets you actually change your image files from one format to another. Further, ImBatch includes three different plug-ins (DCRaw, ImageMagick, and JBig) that serve to vastly extend the number of formats it’s able to recognize.

Image format name Extensions Extensions number Read Write
Native formats 61
TIFF Bitmap TIF, TIFF, FAX, G3N, G3F, XIF 6 + +
CompuServe Bitmap GIF 1 + +
JPEG Bitmap JPG, JPEG, JPE, JIF 4 + +
PaintBrush PCX 1 + +
Windows Bitmap BMP, DIB, RLE 3 + +
Windows Icon ICO 1 + +
Windows Cursor CUR 1 + -
Portable Network Graphics PNG 1 + +
DICOM Bitmap DCM, DIC, DICOM 3 + -
Windows Metafile WMF 1 + -
Enhanced Windows Metafile EMF 1 + -
Targa Bitmap TGA, TARGA, VDA, ICB, VST, PIX 6 + +
Portable Pixmap, GrayMap, BitMap PXM, PPM, PGM, PBM 4 + +
Wireless Bitmap WBMP 1 + +
JPEG2000 JP2 1 + +
JPEG2000 Code Stream J2K, JPC, J2C 3 + +
PostScript Level 2 PS, EPS 2 - +
Adobe PDF PDF 1 + +
Multipage PCX DCX 1 + +
Camera RAW CRW, CR2, NEF, RAW, PEF, RAF, X3F, BAY, ORF, SRF, MRW, DCR, SR2 13 + -
Photoshop PSD PSD 1 + +
Vectorial objects IEV 1 + +
Layers LYR 1 + +
Layers and objects ALL 1 + +
Microsoft HD Photo WDP, HDP 2 + +
DCRaw plugin 37
ImageMagick plugin 29
Kodak PCD PCD 1 + +
AVS AVS 1 + +
Kodak Cineon CIN 1 + +
Graphviz DOT DOT 1 + +
FlashPIX FPX 1 + +
HDF HDF 1 + +
Matlab MAT 1 + -
MTV Raytracer MTV 1 + +
Palm Pixmap PALM 1 + +
HP PCL Printer PCL 1 + +
Apple PICT PICT 1 + +
PIX PIX 1 + -
PWP PWP 1 + -
RLA RLA 1 + -
Irix RGB SGI 1 + +
SUN Rasterfile SUN 1 + +
Scalable Vector Graphic SVG 1 + +
TrueType/Postscript font TTF 1 + -
Khoros VIFF VIFF 1 + +
XBM XBM 1 + +
XPM XPM 1 + +
JBIG plugin 3
JBig JBG, JBIG, BIE 3 + +
DirectDraw Surface 1
DDS (DirectDraw Surface) DDS 1 + +

Preview Edits in Real-time

Feature 3

Whether you’re applying one filter at a time, or creating a complex multi-task build, there’s always something fun to be done with our batch image processor. As creative as some folks might be though, it’s helpful to see how some changes will appear before their actually made. With the help of the Preview Pane users can see how their images will look with different tasks applied to them.

Save/Load Your Favorite Batch Tasks

Feature 4

Saving and loading your favorite task builds is as easy as referencing the .bsv file used to store them on your computer. Each .bsv file represents a unique set of batch processing instructions that ImBatch understands and uses to automatically recall previous operations for reuse in new projects.

Windows Context Menu Integration

Feature 5

One of our newer features, this exciting option lets you take previously saved task builds and add them to your Explorer context menu. In so doing, you unlock the convenience of being able to right-click any image on your hard drive and apply edits that are based on saved task builds. Without even needing to open ImBatch first, you’ll be able to take advantage of frequently used tasks through speedy, accurate, automatic edits. To know how it works, please see this video tutorial.

Access the Command Line

Feature 6

Are you a content manager or server administrator? Like rolling up your sleeves and working directly within the command prompt environment? ImBatch lets advanced users work directly with the command line to enact whisper-quiet, behind the scenes image edits. This allows you to save time and perform complex operations without interrupting the workflow of others around you.

ImBatch usage:

ImBatch.exe [-h [NotSilent]] [-b "SavedTasksFile.bsv"] [-i "ImageFiles"] [-r] [-c]

Parameter Description
-h Does not show ImBatch's main window. In this mode, if you don't also set -r parameter, ImBatch will not work and automatically terminate after the start. If there is a NotSilent parameter, then an information window will appear in the end of processing.
-b "SavedTasksFile.bsv" Automatically loads tasks from SavedTasksFile.bsv file.
-i "ImageFiles" Automatically loads images, specified in ImageFiles part. ImageFiles must be quoted and separated by "|" character without any spaces.
-r Automatically runs batch image processing.
-c Automatically closes ImBatch on finish.

Also you can write parameters into the text file, where each parameter must be placed on a separate line. Then you must send this file prefixed with @ and enclosed with quotation marks to ImBatch in following form:

ImBatch.exe "@ParamsFileName"

Also ImBatch supports Unicode symbols, so it can be localized to any language.

And one more thing: ImBatch is absolutely FREE for personal usage!

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