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Soft Shadow

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Batch Add Soft Shadow task
Soft Shadow

Description Adds a soft shadow to the image by using its transparency channel. If the image doesn't have a transparency channel, the soft shadow will be added only at the fringes of the image; the shadow will be overlaid on the specified background color.

Radius Defines the size of the shadow. The higher the value, the fuzzier the shadow.

X Offset Defines the shadow's horizontal offset relative to the image.

Y Offset Defines the shadow's vertical offset relative to the image.

Adapt Size If this option is set to Yes, the image will be resized in such a way as to contain the whole shadow.

Shadow Color Defines the color of the shadow.

Shadow Intensity Defines the intensity of the shadow as an integer value from 0 to 100 (maximum intensity).

Background Color Defines the background color for the shadow. If the image supports transparency, you can set the color to Transparent. In that case, the shadow will not have any background but will be translucent.
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