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VidBatch - Free Batch Video Processing

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VidBatch is a free batch video processing tool. First, add the desired video files to the processing list, then add tasks, adjust the parameters and process a bunch of your video files at once.

You can combine several tasks in the list and process them in one go! For example, you can resize and set the watermark to your video files in batch mode.

To speed up the processing, VidBatch works in multithreaded mode, taking the full power of your modern CPU.

If you are looking for a good and easy-to use video editing software for Windows, consider Bolide Movie Creator. Another useful tool to download is duplicate video finder.

System requirements

VidBatch is available for x64 bit Windows. We tested it with Windows 10 and Windows 7.

We released VidBatch as a beta-version. Please help us with your bug reports and suggestions to make VidBatch one of the best batch video processing tools ever! The simplest way to contact us is to use the Write to us button Write to us button in the app.

How it looks

Here is how it looks. Do you see? Similar to our ImBatch tool.

VidBatch Screenshot - prcessing videos in a batch mode

Batch video processing tasks

Below is the list of currently implemented tasks for batch video processing. We are working on more, and you can suggest to us the tasks you need!

Task name Description
Batch Save As Video task

Save As

Saves the currently processed video to the file. With this task, you can both change the video format and change the codecs for video and audio streams.
Batch Resize Vidoe task


Scales the video using the specified options. You can resize both with and without preserving the aspect ratio of the original video.
Batch Watermark Video With Image task

Watermark Image

Applies the specified image to the current video. You can specify transparency, justification, sizes, orientation and many other parameters for the watermark. Most parameters have the same effect as Batch Watermark taskWatermark task parameters from ImBatch.
Export Image Allows you to capture and save as an image any given amount of frames with the flexible settings.
Trim Cuts the desired part of the video file either by start and end marks or start and duration specified.

Download VidBatch

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