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Batch Filter Image task

Description Lets you process only images that match the given condition(s). Step-by-step filtering images explained

Expression The condition for further processing. If the result of the expression is 0, ImBatch will skip the current image, otherwise the image will be processed by the following tasks.


Filter task works as follows:

If the result of an expression in the Expression field is 0, then the tasks processing of current image is aborted and a the processing of next image begins. You can use following in the expression:

  • standard arithmetic operators such as: +, -, *, /;
  • non-standard arithmetic operators: integer division (div), modulo (mod);
  • comparison operators: less (<), less or equal (<=), more (>), more or equal (>=), equal (=), not equal (<>), an also cmp operator, that returns 1, if left number is more than right number, 0, if both numbers are equal and -1, if the left number is less than right number;
  • boolean operators: 'and', 'or', 'xor' (exclusive or), 'not';
  • bitwise operators: bnot, band, bor, bxor, shl, shr.

Also you can use more than 100 additional functions in the expression. Most of them returns information about the image (width, height, bits per pixel, different EXIF/IPTC tags), information about the file (name, extension, folder, index, date etc). Other functions works with strings and date. All functions accepts and returns 4 types of data: number, date and time, string and boolean. For convenience, the name of the function ends with a letter, that indicates type of a value that it returns (N(Number)/D(Date and time)/S(String)/B(Boolean)). Also all functions, that starts with a "Get" don't accept any parameters and just returns some information (about file/about image/EXIF/IPTC). Functions that starts with a "Func" may require some parameters. The number and type of parameters can be recognized by a combination of letters after the "Func" (on the same principle as that for the return type). All string const must be enclosed in single quotes.>

Example of using:
The condition for images that have 'DCM' phrase in it name is as follows: Func_SS_StringHasSubString_B(Get_FileName_S, 'DCM')


Functions for getting EXIF information:

Get_EXIF_Aperture_N - Returns EXIF Aperture value. Exif.Image.ApertureValue (ID: 37378)
Get_EXIF_Artist_S - Returns EXIF Artist value. Exif.Image.Artist (ID: 315)
Get_EXIF_Brightness_N - Returns EXIF Brightness value. Exif.Image.BrightnessValue (ID: 37379)
Get_EXIF_ColorSpace_N - Returns EXIF Color Space value. Exif.Photo.ColorSpace (ID: 40961)
Get_EXIF_CompressedBPP_N - Returns EXIF Compressed BPP value. Exif.Photo.CompressedBitsPerPixel (ID: 37122)
Get_EXIF_Contrast_N - Returns EXIF Contrast value. Exif.Photo.Contrast (ID: 41992)
Get_EXIF_Copyright_S - Returns EXIF Copyright value. Exif.Image.Copyright (ID: 33432)
Get_EXIF_DateTime_D - Returns EXIF Date and Time value. Exif.Image.DateTime (ID: 306)
Get_EXIF_DateTimeOriginal_D - Returns EXIF Date and Time of original value. Exif.Photo.DateTimeOriginal (ID: 36867)
Get_EXIF_DateTimeDigitized_D - Returns EXIF Date and Time digitized value. Exif.Photo.DateTimeDigitized (ID: 36868)
Get_EXIF_DigitalZoom_N - Returns EXIF Digital Zoom value. Exif.Photo.DigitalZoomRatio (ID: 41988)
Get_EXIF_ImageXSize_N - Returns EXIF Image Width value. Exif.Image.ImageWidth (ID: 256)
Get_EXIF_ImageYSize_N - Returns EXIF Image Height value. Exif.Image.ImageLength (ID: 257)
Get_EXIF_Version_S - Returns EXIF Version value. Exif.Photo.ExifVersion (ID: 36864)
Get_EXIF_ExposureBias_N - Returns EXIF Exposure Bias value. Exif.Image.ExposureBiasValue (ID: 37380)
Get_EXIF_ExposureIndex_N - Returns EXIF Exposure Index value. Exif.Image.ExposureIndex (ID: 37397)
Get_EXIF_ExposureMode_N - Returns EXIF Exposure Mode value. Exif.Photo.ExposureMode (ID: 41986)
Get_EXIF_ExposureProgram_N - Returns EXIF Exposure Program value. Exif.Image.ExposureProgram (ID: 34850)
Get_EXIF_ExposureTime_N - Returns EXIF Exposure Time value. Exif.Photo.ExposureTime (ID: 33434)
Get_EXIF_FileSource_N - Returns EXIF File Source value. Exif.Photo.FileSource (ID: 41728)
Get_EXIF_FlashPixVersion_S - Returns EXIF FlashPix Version value. Exif.Photo.FlashpixVersion (ID: 40960)
Get_EXIF_Flash_N - Returns EXIF Flash value. Exif.Image.Flash (ID: 37385)
Get_EXIF_FNumber_N - Returns EXIF F-Number value. Exif.Photo.FNumber (ID: 33437)
Get_EXIF_FocalLength_N - Returns EXIF Focal Length value. Exif.Photo.FocalLength (ID: 37386)
Get_EXIF_35mmFocalLength_N - Returns EXIF 35mm Focal Length value. Exif.Photo.FocalLengthIn35mmFilm (ID: 41989)
Get_EXIF_FocalPlaneResolutionUnits_N - Returns EXIF Focal Plane Resolution Units value. Exif.Image.FocalPlaneResolutionUnit (ID: 37392)
Get_EXIF_FocalPlaneXResolution_N - Returns EXIF Focal Plane X Resolution value. Exif.Image.FocalPlaneXResolution (ID: 37390)
Get_EXIF_FocalPlaneYResoultion_N - Returns EXIF Focal Plane Y Resoultion value. Exif.Image.FocalPlaneYResolution (ID: 37391)
Get_EXIF_GainControl_N - Returns EXIF Gain Control value. Exif.Photo.GainControl (ID: 41991)
Get_EXIF_ImageDescription_S - Returns EXIF Image Description value. Exif.Image.ImageDescription (ID: 270)
Get_EXIF_ImageID_S - Returns EXIF Image ID value. Exif.Image.ImageID (ID: 32781)
Get_EXIF_ISOSpeedRatings_N - Returns EXIF ISO Speed Ratings value. Exif.Image.ISOSpeedRatings (ID: 34855)
Get_EXIF_LightSource_N - Returns EXIF Light Source value. Exif.Image.LightSource (ID: 37384)
Get_EXIF_Make_S - Returns EXIF Make value. Exif.Image.Make (ID: 271)
Get_EXIF_MaximumAperture_N - Returns EXIF Maximum Aperture value. Exif.Image.MaxApertureValue (ID: 37381)
Get_EXIF_MeteringMode_N - Returns EXIF Metering Mode value. Exif.Photo.MeteringMode (ID: 37383)
Get_EXIF_Model_S - Returns EXIF Model value. Exif.Image.Model (ID: 272)
Get_EXIF_Orientation_N - Returns EXIF Orientation value. Exif.Image.Orientation (ID: 274)
Get_EXIF_ResolutionUnits_N - Returns EXIF Resolution Units value. Exif.Image.ResolutionUnit (ID: 296)
Get_EXIF_Saturation_N - Returns EXIF Saturation value. Exif.Photo.Saturation (ID: 41993)
Get_EXIF_SceneCaptureType_N - Returns EXIF Scene Capture Type value. Exif.Photo.SceneCaptureType (ID: 41990)
Get_EXIF_Sharpness_N - Returns EXIF Sharpness value. Exif.Photo.Sharpness (ID: 41994)
Get_EXIF_ShutterSpeed_N - Returns EXIF Shutter Speed value. Exif.Image.ShutterSpeedValue (ID: 37377)
Get_EXIF_FirmwareVersion_S - Returns EXIF Firmware Version value. Exif.Image.Software (ID: 305)
Get_EXIF_SubjectDistanceRange_N - Returns EXIF Subject Distance Range value. Exif.Photo.SubjectDistanceRange (ID: 41996)
Get_EXIF_SubjectDistance_N - Returns EXIF Subject Distance value. Exif.Photo.SubjectDistance (ID: 37382)
Get_EXIF_UserComment_S - Returns EXIF User Comment value. Exif.Photo.UserComment (ID: 37510)
Get_EXIF_WhiteBalance_N - Returns EXIF White Balance value. Exif.Photo.WhiteBalance (ID: 41987)
Get_EXIF_XResolution_N - Returns EXIF X Resolution value. Exif.Image.XResolution (ID: 282)
Get_EXIF_YResolution_N - Returns EXIF Y Resolution value. Exif.Image.YResolution (ID: 283)
Get_EXIF_XPAuthor_S - Returns EXIF XP Author value. Exif.Image.XPAuthor (ID: 40093)
Get_EXIF_XPComment_S - Returns EXIF XP Comment value. Exif.Image.XPComment (ID: 40092)
Get_EXIF_XPKeywords_S - Returns EXIF XP Keywords value. Exif.Image.XPKeywords (ID: 40094)
Get_EXIF_XPRating_N - Returns EXIF XP Rating value. Exif.Image.Rating (ID: 18246)
Get_EXIF_XPSubject_S - Returns EXIF XP Subject value. Exif.Image.XPSubject (ID: 40095)
Get_EXIF_XPTitle_S - Returns EXIF XP Title value. Exif.Image.XPTitle (ID: 40091)


Functions for getting IPTC information:

Get_IPTC_Title_S - Returns IPTC Title value. Iptc.Application2.ObjectName (ID: 5)
Get_IPTC_Category_S - Returns IPTC Category value. Iptc.Application2.Category (ID: 15)
Get_IPTC_Keywords_S - Returns IPTC Keywords value. Iptc.Application2.Keywords (ID: 25)
Get_IPTC_ReleaseDate_D - Returns IPTC Release Date value. Iptc.Application2.ReleaseTime (ID: 35)
Get_IPTC_Instructions_S - Returns IPTC Instructions value. Iptc.Application2.SpecialInstructions (ID: 40)
Get_IPTC_CreatingDate_D - Returns IPTC Creating Date value. Iptc.Application2.TimeCreated (ID: 60)
Get_IPTC_Creator_S - Returns IPTC Creator value. Iptc.Application2.Byline (ID: 80)
Get_IPTC_CreatorJobTitle_S - Returns IPTC Creator's Job Title value. Iptc.Application2.BylineTitle (ID: 85)
Get_IPTC_City_S - Returns IPTC City value. Iptc.Application2.City (ID: 90)
Get_IPTC_ProvinceState_S - Returns IPTC Province/State value. Iptc.Application2.ProvinceState (ID: 95)
Get_IPTC_CountryName_S - Returns IPTC Country Name value. Iptc.Application2.CountryName (ID: 101)
Get_IPTC_CreditLine_S - Returns IPTC Credit Line value. Iptc.Application2.Credit (ID: 110)
Get_IPTC_CopyrightNotice_S - Returns IPTC Copyright Notice value. Iptc.Application2.Copyright (ID: 116)
Get_IPTC_Description_S - Returns IPTC Description value. Iptc.Application2.Caption (ID: 120)
Get_IPTC_DescriptionWriter_S - Returns IPTC Description Writer value. Iptc.Application2.Writer (ID: 122)


Functions for getting information about a file:

Get_CurrentIndex_N - Returns current processing image index, starting with 1.
Get_FileName_S - Returns the file name without an extension.
Get_FolderName_S - Returns folder name of the current image.
Get_Extension_S - Returns extension of a file for current image.
Get_FileSize_N - Returns file size in bytes.
Get_FileCreationDate_D - Returns file creation date.
Get_FileModificationDate_D - Returns file modification date.
Get_FileAccessDate_D - Returns file last access date.
Get_IsHidden_B - Retuns 1, if file has "hidden" attribute and 0 - if hasn't.
Get_IsReadOnly_B - Returns 1, if file has "read only" attribute and 0 - if hasn't.


Functions for getting information about an image:

Get_Width_N - Returns current image width.
Get_Height_N - Returns current image height.
Get_DPIX_N - Returns current image depth in pixels per inch horizontally.
Get_DPIY_N - Returns current image depth in pixels per inch vertically.
Get_BPP_N - Returns the number of bits per pixel for current image.
Get_BPS_N - Returns the number of bits per sample for current image.
Get_SPP_N - Returns the number of samples per pixel for current image.
Get_HasAlphaChannel_B - Returns 1, if current image has an alpha channel and 0 - if hasn't.


Functions for working with strings:

Func_S_Length_N - Returns the number of characters in a string.
Func_SN_GetStringChar_S - Returns a character from the string. The first parameter is a source string. The second parameter is an index (starting from 1) of the character to get.
Func_SS_StringHasSubString_B - Returns 1, if a string has the specified substring and 0 - if hasn't. The first parameter is a string, where to search. The second parameter is a substring.
Func_SS_CompareStrings_N - Compares two strings without case sensitivity. The function compares them alphabetically. If first string is more than second, then function returns 1. If they equals - 0. If first string is less than second, then function returns -1.


Functions for working with date and time:

Func_D_YearOf_N - Returns the year represented by a date parameter value.
Func_D_MonthOf_N - Returns the month of the year represented by a date parameter value.
Func_D_DayOf_N - Returns the day of the month represented by a date parameter value.
Func_D_DayOfTheWeek_N - Returns the day of the week represented by a date parameter value. Returns a value between 1 and 7, where 1 indicates Monday and 7 indicates Sunday.
Func_D_DayOfWeek_N - Returns the day of the week for a specified date. Returns the day of the week of the specified date as an integer between 1 and 7, where Sunday is the first day of the week and Saturday is the seventh.
Func_D_HourOf_N - Returns the hour of the day represented by a date parameter value.
Func_D_MinuteOf_N - Returns the minute of the hour represented by a date parameter value.
Func_D_SecondOf_N - Returns the second of the minute represented by a date parameter value.
Func_Now_D - Returns current date and time.
Func_Time_D - Returns current date.
Func_Date_D - Returns current time.
Func_NNN_CreateDate_D - Returns date value created from specified year, month and day values.
Func_NNN_CreateTime_D - Returns time value created from specified hour, minute and second values.
Func_DD_SecondsBetween_N - Returns the number of seconds between two specified date values.
Func_DD_MinutesBetween_N - Returns the number of minutes between two specified date values.
Func_DD_HoursBetween_N - Returns the number of hours between two specified date values.
Func_DD_DaysBetween_N - Returns the number of days between two specified date values.
Func_DD_MonthsBetween_N - Returns the number of months between two specified date values.
Func_DD_YearsBetween_N - Returns the number of years between two specified date values.
Func_DD_CompareDateTime_N - Compares two date values and returns 1, if first date value is more than second value, 0 - if both dates are equal and -1, if first date is less than second date.

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