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Batch Save To CSV task
Save To CSV

Description Saves the desired meta information to a CSV-file.

File Name The name of the CSV-file to write information to.

Folder The path to the CSV-file to write.

If file exists Defines an action if a file with the specified path already exists. If the Auto Rename option is selected, the program will automatically try to modify the file name by affixing a number as follows: File_name(#).csv, where # indicates the location of the number. If the value Append is selected, the program will append the generated meta information to the end of the file (IMPORTANT! Make sure that when appending to an existing file the number of columns matches!)

Delimiter Specifies the delimiter for values ​​in a row. According to RFC 4180, this separator must be a comma. But it is allowed to use other characters as a separator if the comma is reserved for the decimal separator for the current locale.

Columns List of columns with customized tags for each column.

Add Column Add a new column to the end of the column list.

Delete Delete Column.
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