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Batch Rotate Image task

Description Rotates the image by the specified angle. If the rotation angle is not divisible by 90°, the resulting image may be distorted. To minimize distortion, use antialiasing. Manual: Batch rotate photos using EXIF data

By Using EXIF Info If this option is turned on, the application will automatically rotate the image using the Orientation tag in the EXIF data, provided that the image contains such information. The application will also automatically update the Orientation tag.

Angle Defines the rotation angle (in degrees).

Use Antialias Defines whether to use antialiasing when rotating the image.

Antialias Mode Defines the antialiasing algorithm. This option is visible if the Use Antialias option is set to Yes.

Background Color Defines the background color that will be visible if the image is rotated by the angle not divisible by 90°.
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