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An ultimate digital photo management software. Click the link to read more.

Version: 1.9.0
File size: 6 MB
Date: 11 September 2013
Supported OS: Win 2000 / 2003 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8

BonAView v1.9.0

  • Added ability to change the order of albums with drag'n'drop
  • Added commands to move albums up/down.
  • Added ability to create albums structure automatically according to folders structure (just drag'n'drop folders to albums tree).
  • Improved database backup operation.
  • Fixed folders moving in thumbnail view.
  • Some improvements in user interface.
  • Fixed some errors.

BonAView v1.8.0

  • Added ability to change thumbnails size.
  • Auto-save/restore last File Info tab (Summary/EXIF/IPTC).
  • Added ability to set custom order for images in folders and albums.
  • Added option to automatically rotate images according to EXIF information.
  • Hotkeys to show Summary/EXIF/IPTC tabs (Ctrl+M/Ctrl+E/Ctrl+I respectively).
  • Added ability to zoom in/zoom out image in fullscreen mode (by using mouse scroll button).
  • Added thumbnails bar in fullscreen mode for quick navigation.
  • Auto-save/restore last sort state for images.
  • Separate sorting state for folders, albums, timeline and search view.
  • Added Italian language.

BonAView v1.7.0

  • Added search by people tool.
  • Added ability to set codepage in language file.
  • Added command to save image with setting parameters.
  • Added auto selecting language file on first start.
  • Added French localization.
  • Added support of a wide range of raw digital camera formats.
  • Many fixes in user interface.
  • Many small improvements.

BonAView v1.6.0

  • Added TimeLine tool, now you can browse your photos by year and month
  • Added slideshow tool with a 30 transition methods.
  • Album's images are loaded faster
  • Added virtual album "No album", that contains images without an album assigned to them.
  • Changed the appearance of flat thumbnails:
    • Added rating icon.
    • Added album icon (if an image was assigned to album).
  • Some fixes in fullscreen view.
  • Some fixes in Crop tool.
  • Fixed ':FullName:' parameter for 'Open with external program' command.
  • Fixed icons for external programs.
  • 'Auto save' checkboxes state for EXIF and IPTC tags are saved between sessions.
  • Added support for Home and End keys in fullscreen view.
  • Many other small bug-fixes.

BonAView v1.5.0

  • Added flat thumbnails view.
  • Added fullscreen preview for images.
  • Added people tagging.
  • Added ability for working with BonAView's database.
  • Added ability to check for updates.
  • Last session auto-saving/restoring.
  • Improved 3D View control from keyboard.
  • Filter panel: Added ability to filter images by people.
  • File Info panel: Added ability to add new category and apply it for selected images.
  • Improved speed of thumbnails loading.
  • Improved work with multi-core processors.
  • Now all data files are stored in Windows common application folder.
  • Many other small bug fixing and improvements.
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