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Batch Resize Image task

Description Resizes the image. You can specify either absolute or relative (percentage) image sizes. You can also change only one size of the image, and the other size will be changed automatically to preserve the proportions. Or you can resize the image to fit the specified frame by setting the Constrain Proportions option to Yes. Here is the article about batch image resizing in details.

Width Defines the width of the image. You can specify the width in pixels, percent, centimeters, millimeters, or inches. The width can also be proportional (select Proportional). In this case, you do not specify the width manually; it will be calculated dynamically based on the Height parameter in such a way as to preserve the original proportions.

Height Defines the height of the image. In all respects, this option is similar to Width.

DPI Defines the DPI resolution of the image. You can also set it to Original. In this case, DPI will be preserved.

Filter Defines the interpolation algorithm for resizing the image. For better quality, use Hermite, Bell, BSpline, Lanczos3, Mitchell, Nearest, Bilinear, or Bicubic. For faster processing, use Triangle, Linear, or FastLinear.

Constrain Proportions If this option is set to Yes, the resized image will be fitted to the specified frame. In this mode, the application will try to bring the respective sizes of the image to those specified by Width and Height as close as possible while preserving the original proportions. This option is visible only if neither Width nor Height is set to Proportional.
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