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Batch Save Vectorized task
Save Vectorized

Description Converts a raster black and white image to a vector representation.

File Name A file name (WITHOUT AN EXTENSION! The extension defined via the File Type option) to save converted vector image. You can use tags. Here’re more details about some tags. In the File Attributes group: The <Current Index> tag, which has the format <####>, will contain the current number of the image being processed. To change the sequential number of an image, move it up or down. To define a specific number of digits in the index, put the same number of the # characters in the tag; any empty places will be filled with leading zeros. The <Original Name> tag defines the file name AND the extension.

File Type Defines the vector image type to save.

Folder Defines the folder for saving the vector image. You can specify either an absolute path by clicking the folder button, or a relative path by using the tags.

If file exists Defines an action if a file with the specified path already exists. If the Auto Rename option is set, the application will automatically try to modify the file name by affixing a number as follows: File_name(#).extension, where # indicates the location of the number.

Speckles Used to “despeckle” the bitmap to be traced, by removing all curves whose enclosed area is below the given threshold.

Turn Policy Determines how to resolve ambiguities during the decomposition of bitmaps into paths.

Max Alpha Specifies a threshold for the detection of corners. It controls the smoothness of the traced curves.

Optimize Curves Will attempt to “simplify” the final curve by reducing the number of Bezier curve segments.

Optimization Tolerance Defines the amount of error allowed in this simplification. Larger values tend to decrease the number of segments, at the expense of less accuracy.

Colors Count The number of colors in the vector image.

AutoColor If this option is checked, the program will try to find color automatically.

Color Specifies a color for enclosed paths.

Invert Inverts monochrome black-and-white image.

Black and White Threshold Defines the threshold when converting a full color image to monochrome.

Scale Specifies a scale of resulted vector image.
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