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Upload To FTP

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Batch Upload To FTP Image task
Upload To FTP

Description Uploads current image to FTP server.

File name An image name (without an extension) of the file on server. You can use tags. For more details see File Name parameter of Save As taskSave As task.

Host Represents the IP address or host name for the remote FTP server.

Port Indicates the port number to use when opening the control channel connection to the remote FTP server.

Folder Used to specify the current directory on the FTP server file system for uploading.

User name Specifies the name of the user used as the authentication identity when logging into the FTP server.

Password Specifies the authentication credentials used when logging in to the FTP server.

Encryption Whether, and how, the FTP connection should be encrypted.

SSL Version Specifies the SSL/TLS version for encryption. This parameter is active if parameter Encryption is not set to No Encryption
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