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Create Contact Sheet

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Batch Create Contact Sheet task
Create Contact Sheet

Description Places a specified number of thumbnails on a single image.

File Name The output file name. It should contain the image extension. If no extension specified or extension is not supported, then the file will be saved into JPEG format. If a file with the same name at the specified path exists, it will create a new file name by adding numbers in parentheses at the end of the file name. In the file name, you can use the <####> attribute to place the index file where you want.

File Path Specifies the path to the folder, where the files will be saved. If you select Use the first file folder, then the path is taken from the first available image.

Width Specifies the width of the resulting image.

Height Specifies the height of the resulting image.

Columns Specifies the number of thumbnails horizontally.

Rows Specifies the number of thumbnails vertically.

Horizontal Spacing Specifies the horizontal padding between thumbnails.

Vertical Spacing Specifies the vertical padding between thumbnails.
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