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ImBatch 7.6.1 - Enhanced Stability and Usability!

We're excited to announce the latest update to ImBatch, version 7.6.1. This update brings significant improvements and bug fixes to enhance your image processing experience. Here's what's new:

  • Fixed "Argument out of range" Error: We've resolved the issue causing an "Argument out of range" error during Undo operations. Enjoy smoother workflow without interruptions.
  • Improved "Remove Processed Images" Option: For users preferring the table view mode, we've fixed the "Remove processed images from list" feature for better management of your image lists.
  • Enhanced Undo and Redo Operations: This update includes fixes for several bugs encountered during Undo and Redo operations, ensuring a more reliable editing process.
  • More Informative Hints: To assist you better, we've added more descriptive hints for the Undo and Redo buttons, making them easier to use and understand.
  • High-DPI Systems Support: Users with high-DPI systems will notice a bug fix related to saving and restoring column widths when processing an image list in table view. This ensures a consistent and clear display across all devices.
  • Fixed Grayscale JPEG Saving Issue: We've resolved a critical error in jpeg62.dll, ensuring that saving grayscale JPEGs is now error-free.

We're committed to continually improving ImBatch to meet your image processing needs. Download the latest version 7.6.1 now and experience these enhancements firsthand. Your feedback is always welcome as we strive to make ImBatch even better for you!

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