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ImBatch 7.0.0 - 64-bit version available


Today we released a significant upgrade of ImBatch (remember the best batch image processing tool ever?). We worked hard to make a 64-bit version of ImBatch. Why is it important? The 32-bit app can address a limited amount of RAM, which was insufficient for some processing tasks for modern large images. With the 64-bit version, this problem is gone! Process your huge images with ImBatch and let others know about the great tool! :)

If you have a blog or website, please support us by posting an update about the 64-bit version of ImBatch. We worked hard to release it ;) Even a single tweet can help us! Every ImBatch mention is essential and motivates us to develop further. Thank you!


The changes list for v7.0.0

  • Added 64-bit version of ImBatch.
  • Added Separate Objects task.
  • Significantly improved the speed of adding images to the list.
  • 'Soft Shadow' task: added the ability to set an expression for the shadow's radius and offset.
  • 'Change Channels' task: added the ability to manipulate the alpha channel.
  • 'Create Contact Sheet' task: added the ability to set the method of resizing images and the background color.
  • 'Invert' task: added the ability to select channels to invert.
  • 'AutoCrop' task: added Minimum Limit parameter.
  • 'Create Contact Sheet' task: fixed work of the task in multithreaded mode.
  • 'Save To Animated GIF' task: work in multithreaded mode has been fixed.
  • 'Reset To Original' task: fixed restoring of all image metadata.
  • ImageMonitor: added support for HEIC/HEIF format.
  • Fixed work of the task Vectorization.
  • Removed focus change on controls when hovering over task list or image list controls.
  • Fixed scrolling to the first added image when adding with the program interface.
  • Fixed work of AutoCrop task by contour for black and white images.
  • Fixed problem with DDS format if the internal format is DXGI_FORMAT_B8G8R8A8_UNORM.
  • Updated Italian translation.
  • 'Normal Map' task: fixed saving a file with an alpha channel when processing this task.
  • Fixed inactive controls when disabling the Deskew Text and Vectorization tasks.
  • Many small fixes in various tasks.

Download and enjoy!

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