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ImBatch 5.5.0

Yep, we still improving ImBatch. Can't stop to do this. So, here is another new version, ImBatch 5.5.0.

Look, what we changed in ImBatch 5.5.0

  • Added Set DPI task.
  • 'White Balance' task: added the ability to select a color for white color.
  • 'White Balance' task: added the ability to select white color in Preview.
  • 'Resize Canvas' task: added the ability to set the cropping frame on the 'Before' tab of the Preview window.
  • 'Save To Animated GIF' task: added the ability to optimize the file.
  • Save To PDF task: added the ability to save the pages in order (only for multithreaded processing).
  • 'Save As' task: fixed saving to DDS with multithreaded processing.
  • Added the ability to turn off replacement of spaces with underscores in file names.
  • Preview window: Now when you update, it does not automatically switch to the "After" tab.
  • 'Optimize for Web' task: updated interface.
  • 'Resize canvas' task: fixed setting of height in the "Borders" mode, if you select "%" for units.
  • 'Watermark' task: Corrected the watermark movement in the Preview window, if selected non-pixels for the units.
  • Task processing: now disabled tasks do not perform the initial processing.
  • Image list: Corrected sorting by name for names with numbers.
  • Image list: fixed image movement.

Download and enjoy! Tell your friends and collegues about ImBatch. They should know, really

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