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ImBatch 5.1.0 is available!

Are you waiting for a new ImBatch version? Here it is!

We just released v5.1.0. The list of changes in this version is below:

  • Added "Save In CMYK As" task.
  • Added "Save To Animated GIF" task.
  • "Save As" task: added extended configuration options for TIFF and DICOM formats.
  • "Set Tag" task: added support of image and file attributes for the text tags.
  • "Watermark Text" task: added the ability to wrap text.
  • Added the ability to set templates for date/time tags.
  • Selecting color from the screen: fixed work with multiple monitors.
  • Selecting color from the screen: added the ability to cancel the color picking.
  • Fixed a rare error that happening while simultaneously updating the preview and loading image for hint.
  • AutoCrop task: fixed processing the preview.
  • "Save As" task: spaces in the name are replaced by underscores.
  • "Save As" task: fixed error when saving in multi-threaded processing.
  • Image Monitor: fixed error on loading of the non existent folders on start.

By the way, why don't you order a license? It is so easy to make us happy :)

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