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ImBatch 5.0.0 - with multithreaded processing!

YEAH! We released a major update of our batch image processing tool ImBatch!
With this new version you can significantly increase processing speed due to multithreaded processing! Set the desired thread amount in Settings dialog and enjoy the new speed!
Please note, multithreaded mode is available in licensed version only. Get the license while it's cheap!

Here are the changes in this release:

  • Added multithreaded task list processing! In other words, ImBatch can work much faster now.
  • Added Image Selection Tool.
  • Added ability to sort images by all attributes.
  • Added ability to save lossless transformations for JPEG (flips and rotations).
  • Improved tooltip for images (more info plus large thumbnail).
  • 'Watermark Text' task: improved text rendering with Anti-Grain Geometry library.
  • 'Watermark Text' task: simplified access to font parameters.
  • 'Watermark' task: fixed disabled state of task's interface.
  • 'Rotate' task: fixed image sizes update for preview.
  • Fixed script compiling.

Please, share this with everybody! Lets make ImBatch known worldwide!

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