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ImBatch 4.6.0 - new version

Greetings from High Motion Software team!

Today we released ImBatch 4.6.0 - new version of our really powerful batch image processing tool for Windows.

Here is the changes list for this version:

  • Added Change channels task.
  • Added input box to enter path in add folder form.
  • 'Filter' task: addded new functions Func_S_FileExists_N, Func_SS_ConcatStr_S, Get_FileNameWithExt_S, Get_FullPath_S.
  • 'Filter' task: added button to show filtered images.
  • 'Create Contact Sheet' task: corrected work with measurement units.
  • Fixed 'Save As' task: now whitespaces are no longer converts to underscores (_).
  • Unchecked images now are rendering with different color.
  • Fixed a bug, that happened sometimes, while adding a lot of images.
  • Windows Shell Context menu integration now works for folders too.

Download and enjoy!

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