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ImBatch 3.2.0

We just released ImBatch 3.2.0. The installation file is waiting for you to download :)

With this new version you can manage your images in even better way! We added the ability to perform batch file operations. Now you can copy, move, delete, and rename your image files in the way you want. Moreover, you can combine file tasks with Filter task to process some tricky tasks. Something like delete the images with low resolution or separate Landscape images to another folder and more.

Here is the full changes list for this new version:

  • Added Copy and Delete tasks for managing image file. Great to combine with Filter task.
  • "Rename" task now named "Rename/Move" task.
  • Added new task category: File.
  • Added 5 new skins: AutumnSky, Emerald, FM, MetroUI, Ubuntu.
  • "Rename/Move" task: addded reset buttons for the New File Name and New File Path parameters.
  • Image Monitor: fixed working of Duplicate button.
  • Image Monitor: some fixes and improvements in UI.
  • Many minor bug fixes.
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