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ImBatch 2.5.0 has been released

And... Here we go again! We just released ImBatch 2.5.0! Grab it while it hot!

The changes for this version are:

  • Added task "Replace Colors".
  • Added the ability to reset all task's controls to their default values.
  • Restored work of the transparency in the preview window.
  • Hints for tasks doesn't disappear.
  • 'Resize' task: fixed task work in Preview window.
  • 'Save To PDF' task: added the ability to create individual PDF file for the each image.
  • 'Save As' task: fixed incorrect work of the default settings switcher.
  • Changed work of 'Current Index' tag. Now you can set the initial value of the index (for example: ).
  • Fixed errors in 'Save to PDF' task.
  • Some other minor fixes.
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