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BonAView 1.8.0 has been released

Today we released BonAView 1.8.0!
Here are changes in this version:

  • Added ability to change thumbnails size.
  • Auto-save/restore last File Info tab (Summary/EXIF/IPTC).
  • Added ability to set custom order for images in folders and albums.
  • Added option to automatically rotate images according to EXIF information.
  • Hotkeys to show Summary/EXIF/IPTC tabs (Ctrl+M/Ctrl+E/Ctrl+I respectively).
  • Added ability to zoom in/zoom out image in fullscreen mode (by using mouse scroll button).
  • Added thumbnails bar in fullscreen mode for quick navigation.
  • Auto-save/restore last sort state for images.
  • Separate sorting state for folders, albums, timeline and search view.
  • Added Italian language.
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