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BonAView 1.5.0 is live!

New BonAView version has been released! Many fixes and improvements were made. And now the program is free! Enjoy!

Here is the list of the recent changes:

+ Added flat thumbnails view.
+ Added fullscreen preview for images.
+ Added people tagging.
+ Added ability for working with BonAView's database.
+ Added ability to check for updates.
+ Last session auto-saving/restoring.
+ Improved 3D View control from keyboard.
+ Filter panel: Added ability to filter images by people.
+ File Info panel: Added ability to add new category and apply it for selected images.
* Improved speed of thumbnails loading.
* Improved work with multi-core processors.
* Now all data files are stored in Windows common application folder.
* Many other small bug fixing and improvements.

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