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BonAView v1.4.0 released

Today we released BonAView 1.4.0!
Here are changes in this version:

    + Annotation Tool: added scrolling mode on SPACE key.
    + Annotation Tool: added ability to change current colors.
    + Annotation Tool: added shortcuts for main commands.
    + Annotation Tool: 'Line', 'Line Label' tools: added ability to change shape's width and height.
    + Annotation Tool: 'Line Label' tool: added ability to change font name, size, style, rendering quality.
    + Annotation Tool: 'Ruler', 'Angle' tools: added ability to change font name and size.
    + Annotation Tool: Added commands 'Move Forwards', 'Move Backwards', 'Send To Back', Bring To Front'.
    * Annotation Tool: changed objects selection, now you must click closer to object to select it.
    * Annotation Tool: refreshed GUI.
    * Fixed errors on going up in virtual folders.
    * Improved work with removable drives.
    * Fixed localization code.
    * Updated Russian and English localization files.
    * Improved stability.
    * Fixed many small errors.
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