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Batch vectorize your images with ImBatch 6.7.0!

We released ImBatch 6.7.0 and added new batch image processing task - Vectorize! Yes, know you can batch vectorize your raster images and save them either in PDF or SVG format with the latest ImBatch version.
There are a lot of vectorize options available, use the preview to find out which works better for your actual images.
Also, it may be a good idea to add a "Convert colors" task before "Save vectorized" to pass better suited for the vectorization image to the task. Vectorization is quite a tricky task, but you can finally get a great result after some experiments.

Here is the full changes list for the 6.7.0 version:

  • Added "Save Vectorized" task.
  • Now thumbnails update when files from images list overwriting
  • Added the ability to set templates for text tags that return the specified part of the string ([!TEMPLATE!:Index1:Index2], where Index1 and Index2 are the indices of the characters of the beginning and end (inclusive) of the string to be copied; indices begin with 1; if the index is a negative number, then it is counted from the end in the opposite direction).
  • Context Menu Editor: fixed updating the active status after installing/uninstalling the menu extension if the program is launched not with administrator privileges.
  • Context Menu Editor: the menu item "Send to ImBatch" sends the selected files to one of the already running ImBatch instances, and does not open a new one (the corresponding window becomes active).
  • When adding new files to ImBatch by dragging or using the context menu, the list of files scrolls to the first file added.
  • 'Watermark' task: the interface has been changed so that the input fields for image size are always visible.
  • 'Set EXIF/IPTC Tag', 'Copy', 'Rename/Move' tasks: fixed insertion of date/time tags with a template.
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