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ImBatch 6.5.0 with WebP support

You asked for WebP image format support, and we did it!

We just released ImBatch 6.5.0, go get it!

Please let us know if YOU miss some feature in the current version. We need your feedback and ideas!

Here is the changes list for v6.5.0:

  • Added 'Gradient Fill' task.
  • Added 'Select by Channel' task.
  • Added support of WebP format.
  • 'Save As' task: Added options for WebP.
  • 'Resize Canvas' task: Added the ability to fill the new space with a mirrored image or tiled image.
  • 'Resize Canvas' task: Interface changed.
  • 'Resize Canvas' task: Fixed blurred image displaying in the preview panel.
  • 'Frame' task: Fixed using images with transparency as a frame - now they are not filled with the specified color.
  • Removed the "Publish to Facebook" task because of the closure of this feature by Facebook.
  • Fixed handling of PDF and DDS formats in Image Monitor.
  • Updated Chinese translation.

We hope you are enjoying ImBatch :)

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