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ImBatch 6.0.0 has been released!

Finally! We released ImBatch 6.0.0! That was a huge rework with transferring the entire project to a modern development environment. We removed that fancy skins due to many glitches they caused. Now ImBatch is open for the new improvements and new functions. Let us know, what did you miss in the current version!

The changes in this version are

  • The project moved to a new platform.
  • Many changes in the design. No more fancy skins.
  • Reworked and improved displaying the progress of the batch processing.
  • Added Remove Red Eyes task.
  • Added Panorama task.
  • Added category 'Recent' to the list of tasks (last 10 tasks).
  • Added option to remove images from the list after processing.
  • Image selection tool: added image selection setting (all, only marked, only unchecked).
  • Image selection tool: added saving form settings.

Download and enjoy!

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