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Batch Descreen task

Description Used to remove scanning artifacts from a printed source (magazine, newspaper, or book) such as halftone, periodic noise, moire.

Threshold Sets the threshold for searching of image artifacts. They can be seen as light dots in the debug image outside the center area. All parts of the debug image that will be removed are highlighted in red.

Amount Specifies the size of the additional artifact removal field.

Center Mask Size Specifies the inverted scale of the center portion of the debug image to be retained (highlighted in green in the debug image if the Draw Mask option is turned on). The higher the value, the smaller the center portion of the image.

Show Debug If this parameter is turned on, a debug image is drawn in the preview. The debug image is not drawn when processing starts, even if this option is checked.

Debug Channel Specifies the channel for which you want to draw a debug image if the Show Debug option is turned on.

Draw Mask If this parameter is turned on, then the debug image areas (selected according to the settings of the task) are painted over with red color, which are image artifacts, and will be removed. And the green color marks the central part of the debug image, which should be preserved.
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