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ImBatch - is a FREE batch image processing tool for Windows. - Click the link to read more. Portable installation mode is available. The default download is a 64-bit version!

Version: 7.6.1
File size: 31 MB
Date: 15 Dec 2023
Supported OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / 11

Download 64-bit version

Download 32-bit version


ImBatch v7.6.1

  • fixed the "Argument out of range" error during Undo
  • fixed the "Remove processed images from list" option for the table view mode
  • fixed some bugs during Undo and Redo operations
  • added more informative hints for the Undo and Redo buttons
  • fixed a bug with the save/restore column's width on high-DPI systems (when processing an image list displayed as a table)
  • fixed saving of grayscale JPEGs (error in jpeg62.dll)

ImBatch v7.6.0

  • Added Photoshop Plugin task.
  • Added the ability to add comments to tasks.
  • 'Upload to FTP' task: added the ability to write a log.
  • 'Upload to FTP' task: fixed folder change error.
  • The folder for adding images is saved in a BSV file.
  • Added Portuguese translation.
  • Fixed bugs from users' reports.

ImBatch v7.5.0

  • Added Descreen task.
  • Added Padding task.
  • Added Portuguese translation, updated Spanish German, Hungarian, Polish, and Portuguese Brazilian translations (thanks to users for the translation on!).
  • Added support for EXIF GPS Latitude, EXIF GPS Longitude, EXIF GPS Destination Latitude, EXIF GPS Destination Longitude tags.
  • Some settings now saved to BSV file, like the last folder to add images from
  • Fixed a bug when inserting a number in the wrong format into the EXIF/IPTC Editor.
  • Fixed a bug in the functionality of the [Delete] key in the EXIF/IPTC Editor.
  • Fixed stretching of controls for Watermark and Set Background Image tasks.

ImBatch v7.4.0

  • Added Rasterize Vector Image task.
  • Context Menu Editor: interface redesigned.
  • Context Menu Editor: added the ability to disable (not delete) unnecessary items.
  • Context Menu Editor: fixed work of the context menu for standard installation of the program.
  • The currently opened task list is displayed in the title bar of the ImBatch window.
  • Added partial translations for Catalan and Greek, updated Italian, German, Japanese and Brazilian translations.
  • Preview window: added the ability to return to 100% scale when double-clicking on the image.
  • Preview window: added display of current scale.
  • Significantly improved work of the undo/redo system.
  • Fixed bug with determining the portable version.
  • Fixed display of some dialog boxes and tasks on monitors with high DPI.

ImBatch v7.3.0

  • Added support for High-DPI monitors.
  • 'Color Adjustment' task: added the ability to specify expressions for all numeric parameters.
  • 'Add Selection' task: added the ability to specify expressions for all numeric parameters.
  • 'Watermark' task: added the ability to specify expressions for all numeric parameters.
  • 'Rename/Move' task: added handling of rename/move errors.
  • The maximum number of threads has been increased to 256.
  • Added an ability to specify the DPI for PDF files.
  • Added new tags RandomString (returns a random string from a given file) and RandomImage (returns the full name of a random image in a given folder).
  • ImageMonitor: fixed search for new images in folders.
  • EXIF/IPTC Editor: if saving some tags is not supported for this image format, they will be displayed in gray.
  • Fixed display of the remaining time of processing if the estimated time is more than a day.
  • Fixed loading of Heic/Heif images.
  • 'Set File Date/Attributes' task: fixed reading of date/time from the control.
  • Fixed saving images after processing with a single task 'Set Background Image'.
  • Fixed blending of translucent image borders for WebP format.
  • Corrected work with large PDF files in 32-bit version.
  • 'Normal Map' task: fixed work of the task in the 64-bit version of the program.
  • Updated Chinese translation. Added Chinese translation of hints.
  • Updated German translation.
  • ImageMonitor: improved portable version detection.
  • Removed the display of a dialog box before executing a command after processing in a quiet mode.

ImBatch v7.2.0

  • Added "Save To CSV" task.
  • "Round Corners" task: added the ability to specify expressions for the "Round Width" and "Round Height" parameters.
  • "Color Balance" task: added the ability to set expressions for the Red, Green, and Blue parameters.
  • "Curves" task: added "Random Preset" parameter.
  • Added "Source" and "Headline" IPTC tags.
  • Added support for .JFIF files.
  • Fixed deleting images from the list in thumbnail mode.
  • "Gaussian Blur" task: now processing takes into account the selection.
  • "Add Selection" task: fixed display of controls for this task in the preview.
  • "Split" task: fixed non-working menu for buttons for adding expressions.
  • Fixed possible "sticking" of the parameters of the previous task when changing the active task.
  • Fixed work of the Eyedropper tool for multi-monitor systems with high DPI.
  • Fixed display of hints on multi-monitor systems.
  • Updated French and Japanese translations.
  • Fixed saving JPEG in RGB color space in the 64-bit version.
  • ImageMonitor: fixed broken search for images with .webp format in x64 version.

ImBatch v7.1.0

  • Added "Split" task to the "Save" group.
  • Added plugins for the 64-bit version for loading WebP and HEIF formats.
  • Fixed plugin registration for HEIF format.
  • Fixed: the option "Remove processed images from list" - now removes only checked images.
  • Changed the path for saving settings for the non-portable version to C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data instead of C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents.
  • Fixed loading settings.
  • Fixed loading PDF in the 64-bit version.
  • EXIF/IPTC editor: fixed scrolling issue in the editor's scrollbar.
  • 'Separate Objects' task: fixed the work of tags for the file name and folder name.
  • 'Separate Objects' task: fixed saving in WebP.
  • 'Upload To FTP' task: fixed problems with re-entering password in case of errors.
  • 'Convert Colors' task: fixed conversion to more colors when saving to JPEG, if it Color Space value originally was set to Grayscale.
  • 'Reset To Original' task: fixed resetting to original values of dimensions for the preview window.
  • 'Remove EXIF/IPTC Tags' task: improved removal of all tags (now remove Photoshop tags in TIFF images).

ImBatch v7.0.0

  • Added 64-bit version of ImBatch.
  • Added Separate Objects task.
  • Significantly improved the speed of adding images to the list.
  • 'Soft Shadow' task: added the ability to set an expression for the shadow's radius and offset.
  • 'Change Channels' task: added the ability to manipulate the alpha channel.
  • 'Create Contact Sheet' task: added the ability to set the method of resizing images and the background color.
  • 'Invert' task: added the ability to select channels to invert.
  • 'AutoCrop' task: added Minimum Limit parameter.
  • 'Create Contact Sheet' task: fixed work of the task in multithreaded mode.
  • 'Save To Animated GIF' task: work in multithreaded mode has been fixed.
  • 'Reset To Original' task: fixed restoring of all image metadata.
  • ImageMonitor: added support for HEIC/HEIF format.
  • Fixed work of the task Vectorization.
  • Removed focus change on controls when hovering over task list or image list controls.
  • Fixed scrolling to the first added image when adding with the program interface.
  • Fixed work of AutoCrop task by contour for black and white images.
  • Fixed problem with DDS format if the internal format is DXGI_FORMAT_B8G8R8A8_UNORM.
  • Updated Italian translation.
  • 'Normal Map' task: fixed saving a file with an alpha channel when processing this task.
  • Fixed inactive controls when disabling the Deskew Text and Vectorization tasks.
  • Many small fixes in various tasks.

ImBatch v6.9.0

  • Added support for HEIF/HEIC format.
  • Added support for loading separate frames of the animated WebP.
  • 'Save As' task: added the ability to save to WebP with the alpha channel.
  • 'Optimize for Web' task: added settings to optimize saving to WebP format.
  • Added the ability to load the list of tasks when dragging ONE bsv file into the program.
  • Fixed display alpha channel in preview panel.
  • Fixed memory leak in some tasks.
  • Changed the method of saving the list of images of the current session (for faster loading).
  • 'Rotate' task: fixed rotation for JPEG formats (with lossless transformations, rotation was in the opposite direction).
  • 'Save To Animated GIF' task: fixed saving.
  • 'Optimize For Web' task: fixed calculation of space savings.
  • 'Optimize For Web' task: fixed translation of the information panel.

ImBatch v6.8.0

  • Added Swirl task.
  • Added Offset task.
  • Fixed work of TCSVReader class for scripts.
  • Many small fixes.

ImBatch v6.7.0

  • Added "Save Vectorized" task.
  • Now thumbnails update when files from images list overwriting
  • Added the ability to set templates for text tags that return the specified part of the string ([!TEMPLATE!:Index1:Index2], where Index1 and Index2 are the indices of the characters of the beginning and end (inclusive) of the string to be copied; indices begin with 1; if the index is a negative number, then it is counted from the end in the opposite direction).
  • Context Menu Editor: fixed updating the active status after installing/uninstalling the menu extension if the program is launched not with administrator privileges.
  • Context Menu Editor: the menu item "Send to ImBatch" sends the selected files to one of the already running ImBatch instances, and does not open a new one (the corresponding window becomes active).
  • When adding new files to ImBatch by dragging or using the context menu, the list of files scrolls to the first file added.
  • 'Watermark' task: the interface has been changed so that the input fields for image size are always visible.
  • 'Set EXIF/IPTC Tag', 'Copy', 'Rename/Move' tasks: fixed insertion of date/time tags with a template.

ImBatch v6.6.0

  • Added Erosion task.
  • Added Dilation task.
  • Added Median task.
  • 'Set EXIF/IPTC tag' task: Fixed reading of changes when inserting attributes in the input field.
  • 'Upload to FTP' task: Fixed reading of changes when inserting attributes in the input field.
  • ImageMonitor: Changed the method of storing scan results to increase the speed of saving/loading and reduce the space on the hard disk.
  • ImageMonitor: Added tracking changes in writing time attributes of files.
  • Fixed deletion of files from the filtered images list.

ImBatch v6.5.0

  • Added 'Gradient Fill' task.
  • Added 'Select by Channel' task.
  • Added support of WebP format.
  • 'Save As' task: Added options for WebP.
  • 'Resize Canvas' task: Added the ability to fill the new space with a mirrored image or tiled image.
  • 'Resize Canvas' task: Interface changed.
  • 'Resize Canvas' task: Fixed blurred image displaying in the preview panel.
  • 'Frame' task: Fixed using images with transparency as a frame - now they are not filled with the specified color.
  • Removed the "Publish to Facebook" task because of the closure of this feature by Facebook.
  • Fixed handling of PDF and DDS formats in Image Monitor.
  • Updated Chinese translation.

ImBatch v6.4.0

  • Fixed problems with multithreaded processing.
  • 'Optimize for Web' task: Added support for the mozjpeg library.
  • AutoCrop task: added cropping by contour method.
  • Added option to force the use of Adobe Acrobat (if installed) to open the PDF format.
  • 'Watermark Text' task: Improved text rendering.
  • 'Set Background Image' task: Fixed changing the information about the size of the image in the preview window.
  • 'Add Selection' task: Fixed display of controls in the preview window.
  • 'Watermark' task: Fixed resizing of the control elements of the task when changing the size of the window.
  • Fixed display of sizes in the preview window for a PDF file.
  • Fixed soft shadows on translucent pixels.
  • Fixed errors when closing the program and some task is open.
  • Fixed error on filtering an empty images list.

ImBatch v6.3.0

  • Added "AutoStitch Scans" batch task.
  • 'Resize' task: Added 'Swap Dimensions' button to quickly change the orientation of the image from portrait to landscape.
  • 'Save to PDF' task: Added the ability to set the units for paper sizes.
  • 'Save to PDF' task: Added the ability to set paper orientation.
  • Added the Finnish translation.
  • Fixed 'Set File Date/Attributes' task.
  • Some small fixes.

ImBatch v6.2.0

  • 'Resize' task: Added the Size parameter to specify the scaling method with preserving proportions.
  • 'Resize' task: Added the ability to save presets for sizes.
  • 'Resize' task: Added the ability to enter expressions for the Width, Height and DPI parameters.
  • 'Resize Canvas' task: Added expressions support for the Width, Height, Left Position, Right Position, Upper Position, Lower Position parameters.
  • 'Resize canvas' task: Added saving to the list of entered values for the Width and Height fields.
  • All date/time tags: added submenus for templates for individual date elements.
  • Added template for the tag ([!TEMPLATE!:startN], [!TEMPLATE!:endN], where N is the number of folders in the path from the beginning and end of the path, respectively (negative values are also allowed)), with which you can copy part of the path.
  • 'Copy', 'Rename/Move', 'Save As', 'Save In CMYK As', 'Optimize For Web' tasks: Now you can also use the same tags for the path as for the file name.
  • 'Watermark Text' task: fixed text color, fixed setting background color (if the text exceeds the image boundaries).
  • ContextMenuEditor: Fixed loading translation file.
  • ImageMonitor: Fixed loading translation file.

ImBatch v6.1.0

  • Added "Threshold" task.
  • Significantly accelerated the processing of "Stroke", "Gaussian Blur", "Soft Shadow", and "Inner Shadow" tasks.
  • 'Stroke' task: added "Position" and "Opacity" parameters.
  • Added the ability to scroll a list of tasks and a list of images when you hover over them.

ImBatch v6.0.1

  • several bugs were fixed according to your bug reports

ImBatch v6.0.0

  • The project moved to a new platform.
  • Many changes in the design. No more fancy skins.
  • Reworked and improved displaying the progress of the batch processing.
  • Added Remove Red Eyes task.
  • Added Panorama task.
  • Added category 'Recent' to the list of tasks (last 10 tasks).
  • Added option to remove images from the list after processing.
  • Image selection tool: added image selection setting (all, only marked, only unchecked).
  • Image selection tool: added saving form settings.

ImBatch v5.9.2

  • ImageMonitor: added support for pdf and dds formats.
  • ImageMonitor: removed the requirements for admin rights.
  • Fixed the "Preserve image date/time" option.
  • Fixed display order of columns in the Table mode.

ImBatch v5.9.1

  • 'Optimize For Web' task: added "Preserve Structure" option.
  • 'Time Shift' task: fixed task work.
  • Fixed preserving of the original date/time of files, if the corresponding option is selected in the settings, but 'Save as' task was not added.
  • Fixed preserving of the original date/time of files, if the corresponding option is selected in the settings, when saving in the EXIF/IPTC Editor.

ImBatch v5.9.0

  • 'Save to PDF' task: added "File path" parameter.
  • 'Set Background Image' task: added "Crop" parameter.
  • Added the ability to disable hints for tasks.
  • Image Monitor: Added the ability to exclude subfolders from monitoring.
  • Added the ability to insert supported functions into expressions with menu.
  • 'Watermark Text' task: fixed the text stamp size measurement.
  • 'Set EXIF/IPTC Tag' task: changed setting of numeric tags. Now you can use expressions.
  • 'Resize' task: fixed setting the value for DPI.
  • Fixed displaying in the Preview window the results of the 'Set DPI' task.
  • 'Resize' task: fixed the size calculation in the preview.
  • 'Resize Canvas' task: fixed the size calculation in the preview.
  • Fixed localization of text input fields with tags.
  • Fixed setting ranges for the function Random in the expressions, added function Random01, which returns a random number in the range 0 <= X <1.
  • EXIF/IPTC editor: fixed work with GPS EXIF tags.
  • Added new EXIF tags:
    • Body Serial Number;
    • Camera Owner Name;
    • Gamma;
    • Interoperability Index;
    • Interoperability Version;
    • Lens Maker;
    • Lens Model;
    • Lens Serial Number;
    • Primary Chromaticities;
    • Reference Black/White Point;
    • Related Sound File;
    • Scene Type;
    • Sensing Method;
    • Subject Area;
    • Subject Location X;
    • Subject Location Y;
    • White Point;
    • YCbCr Coefficients;
    • YCbCr Positioning;

ImBatch v5.8.1

  • 'Save to PDF' task: added transparency support for transparent images.
  • 'Save to PDF' task: fixed saving to PDF when saving to separate files.
  • 'Publish on Facebook' task: fixed the work of the task when publishing to the page's album.
  • 'AutoCrop' task: fixed work of the task.
  • 'Stroke' task: fixed work of the task.
  • 'Resize' task: the work of the task has been fixed, if the "Resize type" parameter is set to "Reduce Only" or "Enlarge Only".
  • Updated French translation.

ImBatch v5.8.0

  • Added "Set Background Image" task.
  • 'Set DPI' task: Added the ability to automatically calculate DPI based on document sizes for printing.
  • Image list: Added DPI info in thumbnails mode.
  • Image list: Added the ability to automatically sort new images when they added to the list.
  • Image list: Added the ability to insert new images to the top of the list.
  • Image list: Added the ability to store the sorting mode of the list between sessions.
  • Fixed the hang of the Selection Tool when working in table mode.
  • Fixed displaying of EXIF tag "Exposure time".

ImBatch v5.7.1

  • Added the ability to collapse the current task.
  • Fixed scripts compilation.
  • Image Monitor: fixed the processing of new images.
  • Fixed sending of images through the command line.

ImBatch v5.7.0

  • Added Set File Date/Attributes task.
  • Image list: added new view mode - Table.
  • Image list: the loading speed is significantly increased.
  • Image list: fixed sorting.
  • 'Shift Time' task: added the ability to write expressions to numeric fields (mathematical functions are supported: Abs, Ceil, Floor, Round, Frac, Int, Max, Min, Power, Sqrt, Random, as well as image properties Index, FileSize, ImageWidth, ImageHeight, ImageDPI, ImageDPIX, ImageDPIY, ImageBPP, ImageBPS, ImageSPP)
  • Script: unicode support for the CSVReader class has been added.
  • Updated French translation.
  • EXIF/IPTC Editor: fixed saving EXIF tags when saving in JPEG.
  • 'Rotate' task: fixed auto rotation by EXIF Orientation tag.

ImBatch v5.6.0

  • Added Deinterlace task.
  • 'Watermark Text' task: greatly improved interface.
  • 'Watermark Text' task: added the ability to set text justification inside the text rect (if width and/or height are not automatic).
  • 'Watermark Text' task: added the ability to allow expand the image to fit the entire text.
  • 'Watermark Text' task: added the ability to set the color and transparency for the background of expanded image.
  • 'Watermark Text' task: added the ability to set text rect base point for justification.
  • 'Watermark Text' task: added bevel effect for text.
  • ImageMonitor: Added automatic options saving during program work.
  • Script: updated class to read CSV-file.

ImBatch v5.5.0

  • Added Set DPI task.
  • 'White Balance' task: added the ability to select a color for white color.
  • 'White Balance' task: added the ability to select white color in Preview.
  • 'Resize Canvas' task: added the ability to set the cropping frame on the 'Before' tab of the Preview window.
  • 'Save To Animated GIF' task: added the ability to optimize the file.
  • 'Save To PDF' task: added the ability to save the pages in order (only for multithreaded processing).
  • 'Save As' task: fixed saving to DDS with multithreaded processing.
  • Added the ability to turn off replacement of spaces with underscores in file names.
  • Preview window: Now when you update, it does not automatically switch to the "After" tab.
  • 'Optimize for Web' task: updated interface.
  • 'Resize canvas' task: fixed setting of height in the "Borders" mode, if you select "%" for units.
  • 'Watermark' task: Corrected the watermark movement in the Preview window, if selected non-pixels for the units.
  • Task processing: now disabled tasks do not perform the initial processing.
  • Image list: Corrected sorting by name for names with numbers.
  • Image list: fixed image movement.

ImBatch v5.4.1

  • Added Korean translation.
  • 'Resize Canvas' task: fixed the setting of the height in percents with the "Dimensions" crop method.
  • Fixed working of Rename/Move task.
  • Some fixes in Create Contact Sheet task.
  • Some fixes in Color Balance task.
  • Fixed problem with multithreaded writing in the Save to PDF task.
  • Fixed loading of thumbnails after renaming images.
  • Fixed index numbering in tags.
  • Fixed reading Unicode EXIF tags.

ImBatch v5.4.0

  • Added Reduce Noise task.
  • Added Shift Channel task.
  • Fixed Before/After tabs work in Preview panel.

ImBatch v5.3.2

  • added Dutch, Arabic, and Brazillian Portuguese translations
  • added logging of FTP errors
  • fixed issue with Move/Rename file to the same file name
  • fixed big preview popup appearance in the image list
  • several minor fixes

ImBatch v5.3.1

  • 'Remove EXIF/IPTC Tags' task: Added the ability to remove XMP tags or full meta-information from JPEG images without recompression (lossless).
  • ImageMonitor: Added the ability to show error messages in a tray in stealth mode.
  • Added Japanese GUI translation.
  • Added the ability to keep the original file date/time of the processed images
  • Replaced some non-Unicode controls to Unicode version.
  • Fixed saving tags into JPEG files with unicode names. The tags are saved with URF8 encoding now
  • Increased the default quality level for JPEG.

ImBatch v5.3.0

  • Added Reflection task.
  • Added German translation.
  • 'Resize Canvas' task: added the ability to specify the size via the width and height.
  • 'Fill Color' task: added the ability to set the transparency for the filling.
  • Added command line options (/? and -?) to display help about ImBatch command line parameters.
  • 'Gradient Paint' task: fixed gradient reset.
  • 'Watermark' task: added localization of some controls.
  • 'Watermark' task: fixed the size of watermark border in the preview window.
  • 'Save As' task: fixed saving to ICO format.
  • 'Stroke' task: added the ability to create a border for images without transparency channel.
  • 'Fill Color' task: fixed fill of images with semi-transparency.
  • Replaced some non-Unicode function calls to Unicode versions of the functions.
  • Fixed displaying of the "Add pages" form.
  • ImageMonitor: fixed subdirectory scanning, if the mask is not *
  • Fixed writing to the log.

ImBatch v5.2.0

  • Added "Gradient Paint" batch task.
  • "Curves" task: added the ability to save/load from Adobe Photoshop's curves files (*.acv).
  • Added the ability to turn on/off auto-rotating of images based on orientation tag information.
  • Added the ability to close Selection window by pressing ESC key.
  • "Save to PDF" task: fixed saving multiple images to the single PDF file.
  • Several minor fixes.

ImBatch v5.1.1

  • Tag editor: Added the ability to copy XMP tag names and values to the clipboard
  • Removed that annoying message box sometime appeared on program start, sorry for that
  • Minor fixes in "Watermark Text" task
  • "Resize Canvas by Aspect Ratio" task: Added the ability to fill the background with the blurred source image, added background transparency setting.
  • "Resize Canvas" task: Fixed wrong blurred background with some specific options set.
  • "Save as Animated GIF" task: fixed delay time between the frames.

ImBatch v5.1.0

  • Added "Save In CMYK As" task.
  • Added "Save To Animated GIF" task.
  • "Save As" task: added extended configuration options for TIFF and DICOM formats.
  • "Set Tag" task: added support of image and file attributes for the text tags.
  • "Watermark Text" task: added the ability to wrap text.
  • Added the ability to set templates for date/time tags.
  • Selecting color from the screen: fixed work with multiple monitors.
  • Selecting color from the screen: added the ability to cancel the color picking.
  • Fixed a rare error that happening while simultaneously updating the preview and loading image for hint.
  • "AutoCrop" task: fixed processing the preview.
  • "Save As" task: spaces in the name are replaced by underscores.
  • "Save As" task: fixed error when saving in multi-threaded processing.
  • Image Monitor: fixed error on loading of the non existent folders on start.

ImBatch v5.0.0

  • Added multithreaded task list processing! In other words, ImBatch can work much faster now.
  • Added Image Selection Tool.
  • Added ability to sort images by all attributes.
  • Added ability to save lossless transformations for JPEG (flips and rotations).
  • Improved tooltip for images (more info plus large thumbnail).
  • 'Watermark Text' task: improved text rendering with Anti-Grain Geometry library.
  • 'Watermark Text' task: simplified access to font parameters.
  • 'Watermark' task: fixed disabled state of task's interface.
  • 'Rotate' task: fixed image sizes update for preview.
  • Fixed script compiling.

ImBatch v4.9.1

  • higher contrast for the task's parameters panel for better visibility and task separation
  • fixed several minor issues

ImBatch v4.9.0

  • Added Stroke task.
  • Added option to turn on/off beep sound in the end of processing.
  • ImageMonitor: added totally silent mode.
  • Added replacing transparency with white color while saving into the format, that doesn't support transparency.
  • 'Resize Canvas' task: added the option to fill new space with blurred image.
  • 'Convert Colors' task: added ability to replace alpha channel with the specified color.
  • 'Save As' task: fixed changing 'Common Folder' option after loading task list.
  • 'Resize' task: fixed working 'Resize Type' option in Preview panel.
  • Improved algorithm of the Deskew Text task.
  • Fixed saving into DDS format with transparency.
  • Fixed detection of the portable version by the path to the program.
  • Fixed opening 'Save As' task.
  • Fixed image size updating in Preview panel.

ImBatch v4.8.0

  • Added support of DDS format (DirectDraw Surface).
  • Added "Normal Map" task.
  • Improved handling of command line parameters.
  • Improved error handling in parameters of bsv-files.

ImBatch v4.7.1

  • 'Filter' task: added script support.
  • Added ability to set options for dcraw plugin in Options window.
  • 'Resize' task: fixed DPI changing.

ImBatch v4.7.0

  • Added Temperature task.
  • Added Exposure task.
  • Added AutoEqualize Histogram task.
  • 'Convert to Gray' task: added controls to adjust red, green, blue channels and brightness.
  • 'Resize' task: added the ability to enlarge only or reduce only images.
  • Changing UI language is much faster now. Faster program start as well.

ImBatch v4.6.0

  • Added Change channels task.
  • Added input box to enter path in add folder form.
  • 'Filter' task: addded new functions Func_S_FileExists_N, Func_SS_ConcatStr_S, Get_FileNameWithExt_S, Get_FullPath_S.
  • 'Filter' task: added button to show filtered images.
  • 'Create Contact Sheet' task: corrected work with measurement units.
  • Fixed 'Save As' task: now whitespaces are no longer converts to underscores (_).
  • Unchecked images now are rendering with different color.
  • Fixed a bug, that happened sometimes, while adding a lot of images.
  • Windows Shell Context menu integration now works for folders too.

ImBatch v4.5.0

  • 'Save to PDF' task: Added tags support in File Name field.
  • Fixed and tags.
  • Image List: changed icons for indicators (EXIF, IPTC, thumbnail), added indicator for XMP.
  • Image List: added ability to open image in Explorer by clicking on image name caption.
  • 'Save As' task: now image thumbnail in EXIF tags updates correctly.
  • 'Save to PDF' task: added parameters to adjust JPEG compression and ability to convert to grayscale.
  • 'Save to PDF' task: to correctly compress 24 bpp images with RLE, G4FAX or G4FAX2D compressions, its automatically converts to black-and-white images.
  • 'Save to PDF' task: added AutoFit option in Paper Format parameter (the size of each page adjusts to image size).
  • 'Convert Colors' task: improved algorithm for converting to black-and-white image.

ImBatch v4.4.0

  • Added support of multipage image files.
  • Added support of PDF.
  • Added new command line option (-ap) for multipage files.
  • 'Save To PDF' task: Fixed task working with 'Separate PDF file for every image' option on.
  • 'Create Contact Sheet' task: Now the type of stored contact sheet files depends on the extension of 'File Name' option.
  • Improved Options dialog box.
  • Added translation for some controls in Add folders recursively confirmation dialog box.
  • Some improvements in 'Save to PDF' task interface.

ImBatch v4.3.1

  • 'Watermark' task: Added ability to drag watermark with a mouse in Preview panel.
  • 'Upload to FTP': If file exists, it will be rewritten.
  • Fixed a bug with passing images to the program as command line parameter.
  • Fixed incorrect values in the preview panel, if the task list has 'Resize Canvas' task.

ImBatch v4.3.0

  • 'Upload To FTP' task: Added the ability to change file type for uploading.
  • Rewritten image loading function. Now images are loading in a separate thread.
  • Fixed presets loading from the script for the 'Curves' task.
  • Fixed memory leak while loading images.
  • Fixed some small bugs.

ImBatch v4.2.0

  • Added new tool: Script Editor.
  • Added the ability to show processing progress on Windows TaskBar (on Windows 7 and above).
  • Fixed some small bugs.

ImBatch v4.1.1

  • Added the ability to install a portable version.
  • Updated French translation.
  • 'Set EXIF/IPTC Tags' task: fixed bug in setting tag EXIF version.
  • Improved handling of invalid input values.
  • Fixed wrong undo changes for some parameters.
  • Fixed the ability to turn off and on the integration in the Windows Context Menu.

ImBatch v4.1.0

  • Added Create Contact Sheet task.
  • Added ability to set selection dimensions ('Add selection' task) with mouse in Preview panel.
  • Added Polish translation.
  • Updated Chinese translation.
  • Small fixes in Russian translation.
  • Fixed freezes when you drag the Preview window.
  • Fixed image sorting.
  • Fixed periodical crashes while selecting images in the list.
  • Some minor fixes according to user reports.

ImBatch v4.0.1

  • Minor update with the following changes:
  • 'Deskew Text' task: added ability to set antialiasing.
  • 'Deskew Text' task: added ability to set background color.
  • Fixed some bugs in filtering images list and a bug "cannot find drive" in some cases on program start.
  • French translation update.

ImBatch v4.0.0

  • Added Add Selection task.
  • Added Make Selection Feather task.
  • Added Make Selection Gradient task.
  • Added Invert Selection task.
  • Added Deselect task.
  • Added Fill Color task.
  • Added list of 10 previously opened tasks files for Open Tasks button.
  • Added list of 10 previously saved tasks files for Save Tasks button.
  • Added quick search tool to search images.
  • 'Remove EXIF/IPTC Tags' task: added ability to remove XMP tags only.
  • 'Remove EXIF/IPTC Tags' task: fixed XMP tags removing while removing all tags (for JPEG images).
  • Fixed some bugs.
  • Some UI and performance improvements.

ImBatch v3.9.0

  • Added Anaglyph task.
  • Added Fish Eye task.
  • Added Premium support for users who purchased a license.
  • Fixed ImageMonitor autostart function on Windows startup.
  • Improved determination of image types.
  • Fixed some memory leaks.
  • Some minor fixes according to user reports.

ImBatch v3.8.1

  • Added commands for image selection in the list.
  • Added key shortcuts for image list commands.
  • Fixed working of mouse wheel in the image list.
  • Fixed working of Add tag button in Optimize for Web task.
  • Fixed other minor issues according to user reports.

ImBatch v3.8.0

  • Added "Resize Canvas by Aspect Ratio" task.
  • Added "Optimize for Web" task.
  • Enhanced color setting controls.
  • Updated French and Italian translations.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.

ImBatch v3.7.2

  • fixed a lot of minor issues
  • added the ability to turn off the statistics dialog after the end of processing

ImBatch v3.7.0

  • 'Watermark Text' and 'Watermark' tasks: Added ability to set direction for the offset.
  • Added wildcard file name masks support in the command line.
  • Added ability to sort images list.
  • Added ability to send message to the developers from program interface.
  • Added ability to use any XMP tags in tasks.
  • Added statistic showing at the end of image processing.
  • 'Watermark Text' and 'Watermark' tasks: improved interface for justification parameters.
  • 'Watermark Text' task: Fixed displaying text with breakings in editor control.
  • 'Set EXIF/IPTC tags' task: fixed processing of textual tags.
  • Fixed errors, that may happen sometimes in 'Watermark Text' и 'Photo Collage' tasks.v
  • Fixed saving images using UNC network paths.
  • Improved calculating of remaining time in processing dialog.
  • Added save and restore of the last used path in the "add folder with images" dialog.

ImBatch v3.6.0

  • EXIF/IPTC Editor: Added 35 new EXIF GPS tags and IPTC tag Sublocation
  • EXIF/IPTC Editor: Added the ability to toggle visibility for the tags.
  • Added support for new tags in 'Set EXIF/IPTC Tag', 'Remove EXIF/IPTC Tags', 'Save As', 'Copy', 'Rename/Move' and 'Watermark Text' tasks.
  • Added support for XMP tags in tags editor (read only).
  • Thanks to our users:
    • Added Swedish interface and help translation.
    • Added Italian help and updated interface translation.
    • Updated French interface and help translation.
  • 'Round Corners' task: added checkbox for transparent corners.
  • Fixed interface for big system fonts.
  • Fixed issue in Preview window.
  • Fixed some UI issues.

ImBatch v3.5.0

  • Added Deskew Text task.
  • Many improvements in Context menu integration functionality:
    • Fixed crashing on non-image files.
    • Enhanced support of unicode filenames.
    • Some performance improvements.
    • Added support of unlimited files count.
  • 'Watermark' task: Fixed working of 'Height' parameter.

ImBatch v3.4.0

  • Added French interface and help translation.
  • Added the ability to disable and enable Windows context menu in Context Menu Editor
  • Enhanced saving function: added ability to preserve folder structure in Save As, Copy and Rename/Move tasks.
  • Fixed converting to JPEG format unmodified image.
  • Minor bug fixes.

ImBatch v3.3.0

  • Added Reset filter task, so you can use different filters in one go
  • Added the ability to preserve folder structure in Upload to FTP task
  • fixed some bugs according to your bug reports

ImBatch v3.2.2

  • fixed some weird painting issues after the window resize
  • added displaying the image resolution in the preview pane

ImBatch v3.2.1

  • fixed handling Date tags in EXIF metadata
  • Chinese translation updated
  • RAW formats support library updated

ImBatch v3.2.0

  • Added Copy and Delete tasks for managing image file. Great to combine with Filter task.
  • "Rename" task now named "Rename/Move" task.
  • Added new task category: File.
  • Added 5 new skins: AutumnSky, Emerald, FM, MetroUI, Ubuntu.
  • "Rename/Move" task: addded reset buttons for the New File Name and New File Path parameters.
  • Image Monitor: fixed working of Duplicate button.
  • Image Monitor: some fixes and improvements in UI.
  • Many minor bug fixes.

ImBatch v3.1.0

  • Added task Upload To FTP.
  • 'Watermark Text' task: Added Add Shadow parameter.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.

ImBatch v3.0.0

  • Added task Curves.
  • Added task Filter.
  • Image Monitor tool was rewritten from the scratch.
  • Many minor bug fixes.

ImBatch v2.7.0

  • Added task Mosaic.
  • 'Watermark Text' task: Added Width and Height parameters to bound text.
  • 'Watermark Text' task: Changed the text field: you can now specify a multiline text.
  • 'Resize' task: Fixed task work in the preview window.
  • Improved program error handling.
  • Many minor bug fixes.

ImBatch v2.6.0

  • Added task Extract Channel.
  • Added task Photo Collage.
  • 'Watermark Text' task: Fixed text rotation.
  • 'Round Corners' task: Fixed error when setting huge values.
  • Message shown when program can't save images.
  • Now thumbnails are loading only on demand.
  • Reduced memory usage for thumbnails.
  • Added meta information indicators in images list.
  • Now images list is showing status information.
  • ImBatch Context Menu: fixed crash that occurred on some files.
  • Many other small fixes.

ImBatch v2.5.0

  • Added task "Replace Colors".
  • Added the ability to reset all task's controls to their default values.
  • Restored work of the transparency in the preview window.
  • Hints for tasks doesn't disappear.
  • 'Resize' task: fixed task work in Preview window.
  • 'Save To PDF' task: added the ability to create individual PDF file for the each image.
  • 'Save As' task: fixed incorrect work of the default settings switcher.
  • Changed work of 'Current Index' tag. Now you can set the initial value of the index (for example: <#### 5>).
  • Fixed errors in 'Save to PDF' task.
  • Some other minor fixes.

ImBatch v2.4.0

  • Now ImBatch has FULL Unicode support!
  • Completely redesigned process of editing tasks.
  • Now Preview updates while editing tasks.
  • 'Save As' task: now extensions are in lower case.
  • Added Hungarian interface translation
  • Added Chinese interface translation

ImBatch v2.3.0

  • Added task Invert
  • Significantly accelerated loading of images
  • Significantly accelerated processing of Frame task
  • Significantly accelerated processing of images in Preview window in Fit mode
  • Now sizes of main window and panels are automatically saved and restored
  • Panels resized proportionally to main window size
  • Some changes in EXIF/IPTC Editor GUI
  • Some changes in Image Monitor GUI
  • Many small fixes according to user bug reports

ImBatch v2.2.0

  • Added new tool - EXIF/IPTC Editor.
  • Added support of 40 new EXIF tags.
  • Added the ability to see the original image in preview window.
  • Enhanced functionality of the preview window.
  • Enhanced informativity of the processing window.
  • Many small changes in GUI.
  • Many small fixes according to user bug reports.

ImBatch v2.1.0

  • Added tasks context help in English, Russian and Ukrainian.
  • Added task AutoEnhance 3.
  • Some improvements in ContextMenuEditor GUI.
  • Improved GUI of ImageMonitor and fixed some errors.
  • Fixed error on adding AutoCrop task.
  • Added ability to set relative path in Save As task.
  • Fixed error on empty File Name parameter in Frame task.
  • Fixed some other small bugs.

ImBatch v2.0.0

  • Added ImageMonitor
  • Added ContextMenuEditor
  • Added saving/loading of last session
  • + Added ability to load saved tasks (BSV file) with drag'n'drop operation
  • Added task AutoEnhance 1
  • Added task AutoEnhance 2
  • Now tasks are separated by categories
  • Changed dialog to add new task

ImBatch v1.9.0

  • Added batch task Sharpen
  • Added batch task Sepia
  • 'Rotate' task: Added 'Use EXIF Info' parameter: Now you can automatically rotate images by using their internal info.
  • 'AutoCrop' task: Added 'Crop Type' and 'Alpha' parameters for automatic image cropping by transparency.
  • Some bug fixing.
  • Some localization fixing.

ImBatch v1.8.0

  • Added task Color Balance
  • Added task Brightness/Contrast
  • Added task White Balance
  • Added task Rename
  • 'Publish on Facebook' task: Added 'Page' parameter: Now you can upload images to your Facebook pages.
  • Added Italian language
  • Now if there are no 'Save As' or 'Add To PDF' or 'Publish On Facebook' tasks, ImBatch will automatically save images and override files.

ImBatch v1.7.0

  • Added task Watermark Text.
  • Added task Frame.
  • Added task AutoCrop.
  • Added an option to automatically expand tasks after insertion new task.
  • 'Set EXIF/IPTC Tag' task: EXIF/IPTC string tags are localized now.
  • 'Watermark' task: fixed some interface problems.
  • 'Crop' task is now renamed to 'Resize Canvas' task.
  • Fixed undo/redo tool.

ImBatch v1.6.0

  • Added task Reset To Origin.
  • '3D Image' task: Added 'Background Color' parameter.
  • 'Round Corners' task: Added 'Background Color' parameter.
  • 'Soft Shadow' task: Added 'Background Color' parameter.
  • Added translation for colors.
  • Improved tasks drawing while dragging.
  • Fixed: task's editing after dragging.

ImBatch v1.5.0

  • Added "3D Image" batch task
  • Added "Motion Blur" batch task
  • Added button to add entire folders with images for processing
  • Added a blinking for run batch image processing button when all is
    ready for processing
  • Unchecked images are now drawn in gray to better distinguish them
  • Fixed: 'Add to PDF' task: if 'File name' parameter contains a file name
    without the 'PDF' extension it will be added automatically
  • Fixed minor bugs, removed obsolete code.
  • Some localization fixes.

ImBatch v1.4.0

  • Added new task - "Post to Facebook"
  • Fixed bugs according to your reports. Kepp them coming!

ImBatch v1.3.0

  • Now all task's values are loaded from the last session.
  • All plugins are loaded by default.
  • All data files are stored in Windows common application data folder.
  • Now you can collapse/expand task by double-clicking.

ImBatch v1.2.0

  • Added ability to change program skin. Added skins: Afterburner, Android OS, MacOS2, Windows 8, Winter2003.
  • Added Gaussian Blur task.
  • Added Inner Shadow task.
  • Added default menu item 'Send to ImBatch' for Windows shell context menu extension.
  • Small errors fixing and improvements in Windows shell context menu extensions.
  • Fixed working of -c parameter (auto closing after processing)
  • 'Set Tag' task: fixed small errors in date/time tags.
  • 'Convert Colors' task: small errors fixing.

ImBatch v1.1.4

  • 'Crop' task: Added ability to save/load values of 'Left', 'Right', 'Top', 'Bottom' parameters.
  • Changes in preview window interface: added checkbox to enable automatic refresh.
  • Fully rewrited Windows shell context menu extension.
  • Added 64-bit version of Windows shell context menu extension.

ImBatch v1.1.0

  • Added a plugin system to expand the number of supported image formats.
    • Added DCRaw plugin, that allows you to decode raw format images from digital cameras.
    • Added ImageMagick plugin, that adds supports for more than 90 image formats, including PCD, DICOM, CUT, AVS, CIN, DOT, DPX, FITS, FPX, HDF, MAT, MIFF, MTV, PALM, PCL, PICT, PIX, PWP, RLA, SGI, SUN, SVG, TTF, VIFF, XBM, XCF, XPM.
    • Added JBIG plugin, that adds support for JBIG, JBG, JBIE formats.
  • Added Crop task.
  • Added Color Adjustment task.
  • Added ability to associate ImBatch with Saved Tasks (*.BSV) files.
  • Some changes in Windows integration code.
  • Fixed Watermark task applying.

ImBatch v1.0.0

  • Added Quick Start Guide
  • Added option for choosing main window borders' painting (native or skin).
  • 'Watermark' task: Added 'Constrain Proportions' parameter.
  • 'Watermark' task: Added button for choosing file for 'File Name' parameter.
  • 'Watermark' task: Added ability to save/load values of 'Width', 'Height', 'Vertical Offset' and 'Horizontal Offset' parameters.
  • 'Watermark' task: Fixed saving/loading values of 'File Name' parameter.
  • 'Watermark' task: Changed sizes of editing controls for 'Height', 'Vertical Offset' and 'Horizontal Offset' parameters.
  • 'Watermark' task: Fixed editing of 'Horizontal Justification' and 'Vertical Justification' parameters.
  • 'Add To PDF' task: Changed controls for 'File Name', 'Author', 'Creator', 'Keywords', 'Subject', 'Title', 'Producer'. Added ability to save and load values for this parameters.
  • ImBatch v1.0.0 RC1

    • Added Add To PDF task.
    • Added Watermark task.
    • Added undo/redo actions for tasks.
    • Added ability to edit task properties in one click.
    • Added command line parameters.
    • Added Microsoft Windows integration (now you can run any task from Windows context menu).
    • Fixed bug with task panel resizing.
    • 'Shift Time' task: fixed task saving.

    ImBatch v0.9.0

    • Added Set Tag task.
    • Added Remove Tags task.
    • Added Shift Time task.
    • 'Save As' task: Added a lot of new template parameters for 'File Name' parameter.
    • 'Save As' task: Added new template parameters for 'Folder' parameter.
    • 'Save As' task: Now if current image has not changed it just copies image.
    • Fixed Update Checking system.
    • Fixed Preview Panel buttons states.
    • Many minor bug fixes.

    ImBatch v0.8.5

    • Added Preview pane.
    • Added Convert To Gray task.
    • Added Mexican Spanish localization.
    • Fixed BPP calculating for image list view.
    • Fixed bug with dialogs position.
    • Fixed bug with deleting task.
    • 'Save As' task: fixed bug with overriding images.
    • 'Round Image' task: added ability for saving and loading options.

    ImBatch v0.8.0

    • Added Convert Colors task.
    • Added drag&drop support for folders.
    • Added functionality for SPACE button: check/uncheck tasks or toggle visibility of tasks parameters.
    • 'Save As' task: Changed default value for 'File Name' parameter.
    • 'Save As' task: All values for 'File Name' parameter are stored into the list.
    • 'Save As' task: All values for 'Folder' parameter are stored into the list.
    • 'Resize' task: Fixed bug with resizing.
    • 'Resize' task: When 'Width' and 'Height' parameters are set to 'Proportional' task will resize to DPI value.
    • 'Soft Shadow' task: All values for 'X Offset' and 'Y Offset' parameters are stored into the list.
    • 'Soft Shadow' task: 'X Offset' and 'Y Offset' parameters can be set in pixels, percents, mm, cm or inches.
    • 'Round Image' task: All values for 'Round Width' and 'Round Height' parameters are stored into the list.
    • 'Round Image' task: 'Round Width' and 'Round Height' parameters can be set in pixels, percents, mm, cm or inches.

    ImBatch v0.7.5

    • Added Soft Shadow task.
    • Added Flip task.
    • Added Round Corners task.
    • Fixed edit panel position in edit mode.
    • Fixed bug with task deleting in edit mode.
    • Changed control for color editing.
    • Updated localization.

    ImBatch v0.7.0

    • Added ability to exclude individual tasks.
    • Added ability to hide some task parameters.
    • Added Rotate task.
    • Added update checking system.
    • Added width, height and BPP information for images.
    • Fixed image list hints.
    • Fixed tasks saving function.

    ImBatch v0.6.0

    • Created new control with thumbnails for image list.
    • Added hints for image list.
    • Updated localization.

    ImBatch v0.5.4

    • Added commands for image files positioning.
    • Added buttons for task positioning.
    • Added command to interrupt processing.
    • Added shortcuts for almost every command.
    • Fixed edit mode elements (positioning and stretching of controls).
    • Enhanced user graphical interface.
    • Improved keyboard control.

    ImBatch v0.5.1

    • Added 'If file exists' condition for 'Save As' task.
    • Fixed changing language code.
    • Fixed ability for adding of multiple image files for processing via open dialog box.
    • Fixed 'Add Task' dialog box position.
    • Fixed 'Resize' task code.
    • Updated localization.

    ImBatch v0.5.0

    • First public release.
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